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The "North Caucus" of America is NOT an "Organization" like the RKBA, JPFO, CCOPS, etc. There are no fees. There is a list of members. You'd be hard pressed to know all the members unless you stumbled across their messages on USENET, in bulletin board discussions, or as some, from legislators or the likes who were passing stuff around.

Let me start with the word "North Caucus." The year was about 1770. There were three Caucuses in Boston, North, Middle and South. The word Caucus seems to have come from "caulkers," the guys who worked as shipyard workers, though we don't know for sure. The "North Caucus" usually met in the "Upper Room" over the main office of the Gazette. They also met in the Salutation (pub) over beer. In these two places they formulated complaints against the government, etc, to be published, posted on the Liberty Tree, etc. This should explain why our opening page has buttons refering to the Gazette, Salutation, and Green Dragon. Now, though, we meet on the internet and by phoning each other.

Their membership consisted of some Freemasons, some Church people, some very irreligious people, and, even some of the "Sons of Liberty." The organization has come and gone depending upon governmental conditions at any time. We like being the "North Caucus" because it is rather innocuous compared to the "Sons of Liberty" (a name that is being bastardized by some right wing zealots) or the Masons (who don't seem to want to do what they did then).

The "North Caucus" was very closely associated with similar groups that met in Philadelphia, and New York, directing a lot of the thinking that led to the Republic and the Revolution itself. Now, it is a group of scattered folk, some of whom use "pen-names," whose bent is understanding history, and keeping our guns, regardless of the cost.

We found out that the main lists of the the three Caucuses, members of which joined for a certain Tea Party, were destroyed in 1830, to protect their families from notoriety. It appears that they did some pretty wild things: Sons of Libery, Pope's Day participants, tarring and feathering, etc.

We do NOT threaten anyone. Our message is only that there are a LARGE number of folks in this country who will stand and fight should this matter get any worse, and the Government needs to know that. Obviously they don't believe they are a TYRANNY. I give you Ted Kennedy's comment to Ashcroft as an example. In that instance several of our guys wrote HIM, quoted him, and pointed out our URL. The East Coast USENET groups were also used to quote him, and warn, again, that there IS a Tyranny going on, and there appears to be only one way out, should Bush not do what he should do.

So, what about YOU? Suppose you are interested in associating with the group. First, you must be a Whig. Not a Republican or Democrat. Whigs were like "Religious Fundamentalists." Why? Because their patriotism was a FAITH. I believe the word is intractable.

We do NOT, EVER, answer flames on USENET, or from Legislators, or the Media. EVER. If you happened to read the article published in the JPFO several years ago, written by a nationally known Psychologist, you understand that people like "Rosie," "Alec," etc., are all psychologically out of balance. There is no way to reason with them, or if there is, we don't have the time or manpower. They are intractable in their stand, as are we. For them there appears to be no meeting other than that like Lexington and Concord, should this thing get out of hand. As you know, the Brits/Torys were, regarding their socialism, intractable as well.

What would you do with the North Caucus? Simple. Whenever you see something that is UNconstitutional, you write the legislators, and media saying that it is Unconstitutional, and refer them, again, to our URL. We are "shouting from the roof-tops." We are telling them that we have the right to resist their tyranny, to whatever level of confrontation they take their programs, and that there are millions out there more than willing to do it. We beg them to back OFF (As Jerry Clower would say).

We are doing what the North Caucus did in Boston, Lexington, New York, etc. We are using the Internet like a "Liberty Tree." It is truly a "FREE PRESS," which explains why so MANY of the statist/socialist/nazi types want it CONTROLLED.

We know the government knows who we are. Nearly 10 years ago Cornet had to answer to the State Police in one state when the legislature turned his writings over to them as "threatening." He showed them in the Federalist Papers, and other Founding writings, that these things were said then, and the First Amendment says we can say them now. They apologized. After being put on the mailing list by the NC guy in their state, they finally asked politely if they could be taken off, and thanked us for keeping them informed.

One of our most famous warnings was read on the floor of an eastern Legislature, by request of the legislator. A number of state legislators have written us for information. One legislator in a small but famous state said she'd associate with us but was terrified of the idea of being on a list of any kind. There lies our main national problem. COWARDICE (aka political correctness).

Some years ago years ago this writer was personally told by a Western State legislator that I would be on a "list." I told him that I was so proud of that fact I wanted to BURST. That meant my name would be on the same roll call as was that 77 year old farmer at Concord who fought the first fight.

That was a story told amongst the British Spies that is LEGEND. Because of that incident, we prepared an essay called The Greatest American Hero. You might really want to read it.

Most Sincerely,
Tom Chase
NV Section

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