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What is "AT RISK," and why?

There was a time when students who were not educable by attitude or health were assimilated by society in rural environs, day labor, and many other productive occupations. Now they are called "At Risk," and the society insists they should have all the education everyone has, at enormous expense to the person and the society.

No one will look at the European "gymnasium" system where students are all given a fundamentally useful education, then tested and directed into fields for which they are most well suited. This testing takes place in the 8th grade, and again in the 12th, and the system is far more meritorious than this disaster the NEA and socialists have inflicted upon our sovereign citizenry.

American educators, politicians, and even public will not ask themselves WHY the students are medicating themselves as much as they are. It is because they are frustrated at the parenting, schooling, and system. No more, no less. This system is "enough to drive a person to drink!!" This system is another source for a class action suit against its progenitors since we are now suing retail folks for our fatness!!

Now for a discussion of "At Risk Students" that took place in the NCA:

Dear All:

Bella wrote:
> I've had this "at risk" young man in my internet
> class for a while, and I believe he changed his position on
> immigration. He now states that he believes open
> borders can wait until we solve American's problems...

Gonzalez said:
>> Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Bella, xenophobe extraordinaire,
>> who is preaching her Buchananish isolationist drivel to the
>> gullible, uneducated Americans among us. If you listen closely,
>> you will hear eerily similar echoes of Hitler in her rhetoric.
>> By the way, Bella, it's Gonzalez, with a "Z."


Typical liberal. When they have no answers, they become embarassed, then nearly uncontrolably angry at the person who bettered them. They can't let that happen to them so they:

  1. Call names, putting you on the defensive (Try to force you to defend your self by insulting you in such a way as to make you forget the discussion and become incensed that someone would say that about you when you know it isn't true). (aka change the subject)
  2. Change the subject.
Favorite name (which I have been labeled a number of times) "zenophobe"

I do not know how you managed to change this fellow's thinking. Isn't he the one who was posting on Stanley's e-zine?

Anyway, I think I already sent this out, but here is an article that describes this fellow with whom you were dealing, and the near intractability of his type of thinking:

-secret to liberal suicidal mind

I wonder if you and your husband saw this in the news this evening:

Woman fired in Florida for only speaking English

I am having a difficult time deciding if we are on a "slippery slope" or in total free-fall.

When a government is willing to play games and negotiate with a terrorist who is also the inventor of airplane hijacking, regardless of the lives it costs their associates (the Jewish in Israel) what do we think they are willing to do to their own citizens, you and I?? The arrogance of our government is monumental, as we well know, and it is causing the Israelis several 9-11's a week, the latest right on the heels of the release of Arafat into the population, and in the face of Sharon's visit with GWB.

A point:

How much compassion should we expect from a government that shoots women holding their babies, sics the IRS on its citizenry, or makes elderly women sit on a plane with their arms thrust into the air on an airplane because someone had to use the toilet before the plane landed?

Your "Gonzalez" perfectly typifies the nature of our governments when you stop and consider it. Just multiply his attitude by the thousands that occupy offices of "public service." I admit there are many "good folk" in "public service," but who runs the show?


Dear Bella and all:
As Detective Columbo says, "just one more question, sir, if you don't mind:"
> Janet said:
> > I've had this "at risk" young man in my internet
> > class for a while

I sat here, thinking about what I just wrote you all, and it dawned on me that all these years I, too, have had "at risk" students. One time one such student attacked me in the hallway. He was as big as I (I buy my clothes from Omar the Tent Maker, having performed aerobic weight lifting since '63). Unfortunately for him I had been studying Shodakan Karate. He only suffered a couple of broken ribs and some other minor damage. That same student, removed permanently from our school, went on to another school the next year, and attacked a female teacher who had not been priviledged to study martial arts. They had moved him on and kept the information about his irrational behavior private because of "his rights." It cost her a partial hysterectomy and some other major damage. Of course the student, having expressed a bit too much antisocial behavior, was locked up FOR HIS PROTECTION.


Just who is "at risk" with "at risk" students. It never really dawned on me how monumentally ABSURD that label is until just this moment. Once again, with liberals and PC, black is white, white is black, and "at risk" is a term reserved for the perpetrator, not the VICTIM!!!

DAMN it all I am tired of these folks and their mental illness.

Most Sincerely,
your "not too at risk" sr'vt,

From: "Bella"
Subject: Re: Teaching the unwilling


Your assessment of liberals using the term "at risk" to describe perpetrators rather than victims is right on target! I concocted another use for that term.

I find that I no longer use the phrase "at risk" to indicate a poorly performing student who is in danger of failing or dropping out of school. I can actually identify with such students' disinterest in being force fed the government curriculum; lies are sooo mind-numbing, aren't they?

These days I use "at risk" to describe students at the other end of the spectrum who fall into the so called "top 10%". Quite a few of these students are DANGEROUSLY "at risk" of NEVER again having another rational thought, especially regarding our government! (They think getting chipped is a GREAT IDEA and they refuse to discuss reasons why one would NOT want to do this.)

These at risk students excell after 12 years of lessons on how to argue, refute, name call, discredit, become irate, gang up on, dodge, control, manipulate, yell discrimination, cry teacher incompetence, play the victim, twist words, and on and on. Such people exhaust all creative human energy in an attempt to escape and avoid every word of truth and they aim to PREVENT the truth from being spoken, especially where others may be influenced!

As you are well aware, this is the identical ADULT behavior of ALL those who would destroy our Christian values, and thus our nation!

I've noticed these teenagers can tolerate very few words of truth before they rise up spewing like fire breathing dragons or poisonous, striking snakes. I take this as their utter rejection of the truth because of their efforts to silence it, even though they could just as easily choose to sit quietly and politely respect others' opinions. The truth is very DISTURBING to those who would submit to the government instead of GOD, have you noticed?

I'm growing weary of dealing with such evil attitudes. At first I had NO clue why the students were so difficult to teach at this school and why administration supported their behavior. I didn't walk - I'm not a quitter.

Seek and ye shall find - Now the TRUTH stands as a mighty shield for me both in my classroom and in my life! Now lots of things are explained.

I am one of the lucky ones to have found the truth about this world and have the gift of seeing events unfold! But, the war against the lie continues everyday, everywhere. How much longer can we hold them off before our reinforcement arrives?

In Truth and Liberty,
To correspond: Attn:
"Bella Truth"

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