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My Educational Philosophy
"Bella Truth"

Note: This person has already secured her advanced certification in the medical field and is now turning to educational administration in public schools as a career.


I'm sending you the first part of the paper (rough) I am writing in graduate school regarding my educational philosophy. I will later add some of the names of Founding Fathers who have influenced me.

Sadly, it is none of the socialists "experts" who we have been studying in class over the last two weeks. The socialists were considered the experts in education, and many are still the sources of school thought today, although I found the ideas of Maxine Greene inspiring.

Philosophy of Education
by: "Bella Truth," BAAS, RMT, MLT, NHA

If I believe anything at all it is that public education has undergone a plethora of significant changes since the inception of a public school system. It is only in the last 45 years, however, that I have been alive to witness them. Early changes, starting from before the 20th centruty, were brought about by the research of many humanitarian, self-sacrificing, forward-thinking 'experts' whose ideas were derrived from socialist andcommunist thinking. Later, some of the 'experts' induced vast improvements to our nations classrooms in terms of a more humanitarian approach. And, it hardly needs to be mentioned that the one most significant changes, the introduction and use of technology, the internet in particular, has been among the greatest positive contributions to education.

Likewise, over the last ten years a prodigious amount of attention by professional educators was focused on the different ways people learn. Thus, coupled with the internet, vast expansion and improvement was made in the methods teachers use to deliver classroom lessons. All of these changes significantly increased the success rate of teachers and students who were in dire need of these tools to facilitate and expand the realm of teaching and learning.

To continue, some of the changes in the last four or more decades have had anenourmously negative impact which have taken a detremental toll on our nation's youth and placed our nation's future in jeopardy. The most disturbing change is "what" we are teaching students, as well as what we are no longer teaching them.

Most of the changes, whether helpful or hazardous, are readily apparent to the average concerned tax payer, teacher or student. Others are not so apparent.

Some tax payers, professional educators and much of our mainstream media prefer that the more difficult problems lurking below the surface not be fully addressed publicly.

Such people seek to minimize or disguise the problems to avoid a clash with those who would disagree.

Others benefit from the problems. So while most people may agree on the symptoms, coming to a consensus on the solutions is exremely difficult.

More succinctly, our rogue, government funded schools should not be a place where children spend more of their waking hours than at their homes. Schools should not be used as a tool to replace families or usurp parental responsiblitities.

Schools should not presume to cure all the "ills" of society. Curing societal ills are best left to the family or the community. Even though schools are an extension of every community, they are not the end all, be all of the community. Primary and secondary schools should not be a place where omipotent administrators take it upon themselves to mold and shape human beings in all aspects of humanity. This trend must stop. Schools have overstepped their boundaries and have entered the realm of accomplishing a government-driven agenda toward a new world order, golobalization and loss of American sovereignty.

We are Americans. Do we really want to surrender our freedom, our U.S. Constitution and the sovereignty of our nation by educating our posterity with curriculum that ndicates these things are antiquated, useless or even forbidden?

These beliefs have lead me to develop a philosophy of education which embraces a desire to preserve innovation in the classroom and methods of teaching.

It also seeks to expose and extripate the "root" cause of the serious problems we have created and need to solve with alacrity.

Government involvement, as yet, does not adversely affect the actual methods teachers use. To reiterate, we have made much progress in this area through the advancement of U.S. private industry as well as in our universities. However, government involvement absolutely and adversely affects the ideas and subject matter that we are teaching to our children. My philosophy of educaton includes initiating a full review of all curriculum in core subject areas and making the radical changes that will reinforce the traditional ideals of freedom, national sovereignty and civic duty.

These are virtually all of the ideas that made this nation the greatest, wealthiest and most powerful influence in the world. My goal is to reinstate these ideas in the minds of all students.

Socialist thought, while it has benefited the public school system in some ways, has dominated our nation?s education system for far too long. Now, it is being used as a "tool" through which to eternalize the socialist agenda. It is due time we assemble an army of like-minded educators and administrators to restore freedom, high standards and a sense of national pride to our nation's classrooms. Having said that, primary and secondary schools should be a place where a person's education includes developing a sound base in the fundamentals. For students who desire it, schools can provide the student with an entry level skill, but not place them in work related programs before they are at least 16 years old. Schools should ardently promote civic responsibility, and engender innovative and individual thinking while maintaining a high standard for behavior and respect for oneself and others.

While any single religion should not be promoted, prayer should not be discouraged. At an appropriate age, lessons should, without bias, inform about the religions of the world; children should about human nature, but the system should not rob children of their childhood by discussing or condoning promiscuous behaviours, or seeking to promote sexual activity.

Teaching moral ideas in school that differ from those taught in the home, especially to younger children, amounts to the blatent usurping of the duties and rights of parents to instill their own beliefs in their children. These are parental duties that must be returned to the home, even if some of today's parents choose not to fulfill that responsibility. At the same time, all schools should expect and enforce high standards of performance and behaviour.

Another premise that molds my philosophy of education is that the government, at all levels, should not be involved. In fact, there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that empowers the federal government to fund or have any influence over a public education system. We need to return control of our schools to local communities so that we may, community by community, family by family, restructure the way we educate our children.

Americans are becoming increasingly aware that their nation?s future is at stake, not only because the government - run public education system is failing, but because it is an ancillary cause of many of society's problems. It is time we, as parents and education professionals, take back control of the current school system and fill it with the foundations of freedom.

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