American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the National Rifle Association is comprised of a majority of people who are comfortable with, and supportive of, Socialism!!

On a number of occasions we of the North Caucus have written the National Rifle Association to comment about their approach to gun laws. Our basic premise is that the organization gives fiat approval to all unconstitutional laws by their activity in "Project Exile." Rather than explain it twice, please follow our dialogue and their answers. You will find that the NRA uses the most common liberal tactics to respond to any queries with which they are uncomfortable.

The debate with the NRA began with their refusal to take part in The Petition, essentially one of grievances about the many violations of the 2nd Amendment, being sent to John Ashcroft. The "Petition" had been a matter of discussion amongst a number of 2nd Amendment Groups, Constitutional Scholars, and other writers. They queried the NRA to gain support of the "Petition." The NRA response of no support or interest was sent to and circulated amongst that discussion group.

A more telling discussion began several weeks later. The matter of the NRA supporting the Congressional CARA legislation was brought up in the NCA discussion group by an associate of the North Caucus. He had also complained bitterly to the NRA. At that point I chose to not only respond to the subject but send it to our general discussion group assembled by Peter Mancus. The response to that discussion by the NRA was no less than totally embarassing in that one former NRA leader chose to use foul language in response to our queries.

Now we have the NRA skipping out on the Silveira and Gorski issues, so we have left buttons available for those issues as they come up. In the meantime, Dieter Dahmen has also written the NRA, imploring them to teach sovereignty as they continue their traning programs.

Yr. Ob'dt Sr'vt,
C. Joyce II

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