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Dupes, Useful Idiots and Psy-ops:
The NRA deception

These days, with so many gun-control (i.e. people control) laws on the books that grant powers to government that were originally reserved to the people, you have to ask yourself what the leadership in the NRA is really up to and why they continue to create laws that only serve to undermine the second amendment. Then, having asked yourself that question and having realized that 20,000 plus gun laws on the books confirms the premise of that question, you have to ask yourself - if you're an NRA member, "How can this be happening and how did they manage to do it right under our noses?"

Now some might believe it's all just an accident, or the result of "bad management", that it's all just a big mistake or that it's just bad luck. But, if you reached any of these conclusions, you'd have to realize that such consistent poor performance - can NEVER be the result of chance, that it was done with malice and forethought.

Anyone who's got brainwave activity - knows the strategy of infiltrating the enemy camp to take over the command post - to redirect that enemy army's resources into a trap. "But," you may ask, "how does that apply to the theory that the NRA - is formulating, submitting and passing gun control law?"

Well, what you must keep in mind is that the NRA - is the biggest, "juiciest" target of the collectivist beast - for infiltration. Tactically speaking, that is the one organization I'd try to hijack with my operators - if I were an enemy of this nation, simply because an armed American populace is the only thing standing between our founders and the global socialist world government the NWO elites are busily entrenching right now. They KNOW that they must disarm Americans to have their way and the NRA, being the largest pro-armament organization in the country in terms of financial backing and clout - makes it target number one. Now, most of the NRA membership is on board with America, but they've been duped. I can't say that about the upper-echelon hijackers - who typically have risen to positions of power so they can ply their slippery counter-intelligence trade, making gun control appear as "restoring our rights", using YOUR MONEY to carry this campaign out!

The problem is that so many people just aren't aware that this kind of operation even exists, much less how it works. But, the cure for that is to expose it for what it is. It's a psy-op Jiu-Jitsu operation. (a.k.a. political jiu-jitsu in political circles...) Using deception, modifying our lexicon and using the BIG LIE - to make something appear to be it's opposite. That is the acme of skill - according to Sun Tzu.

Yes, an organization that promises to support legislation that would make it legal for the federal government to redistribute land (read wealth) under color of law, using so-called environmental motivations that were provided by the watermelons in our midst (who are green on the outside, but red on the inside.) - under the condition that it's membership can still hunt and fish on said land - is collectivist. That is, it is un-American because it supports collectivist tyranny, the theft of land from private landowners using so-called "eminent domain" - to be held in reserve by the UN for it's "Wildlands Project". That organization is the NRA - and it's management supports redistribution of wealth under color of law, which, my gun-owning, freedom-loving friends out there, is a cornerstone of communism.

What, is that too much? You can't believe it? Well, consider the following examples, which are a models of this type of operation - in our own government!

Whittaker Chambers, formerly a conservative who'd fallen under the "spell" of communism, ".soon found himself under the iron discipline of the Russian espionage apparatus. Because Communism had become his faith, Chambers blindly followed instructions. He became expert in the conspiratorial techniques of clandestine meetings, writing secret documents, shaking off followers, trusting no one, being available day and night at the beck and call of superiors.

Before long Chambers was assigned to be the key contact man for Russia's most important spy cell in Washington, D.C. Chambers has described his espionage associations with the following persons who were later to become top officials in the United States Government:

Alger Hiss (who, with 13 others, founded the UN, at the direction of the Soviet Union) whom Chambers says became a close personal friend. Hiss started out in the Department of Agriculture, then served on the Special Senate Committee investigating the munitions industry (a post not too dissimilar from the one Hillary Clinton is on now.). For awhile he served in the Department of Justice (probably aiding and abetting the NLG.) and then went to the State Department. There he made a meteoric rise, serving as Director of the highly important office of Political Affairs. He served as advisor to President Roosevelt at Yalta and as Secretary-General of the International Assembly which create the United Nations.

Harry Dexter White who later became Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury and author of the Morgenthau Plan.

John J. Abt who served in the Department of Agriculture, the WPA, the Senate Committee on Education and Labor and was then made a Special Assistant to the Attorney General in charge of the trial section. Henry H. Collins who SERVED IN THE NRA, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor and the Department of State. During World War II he became a major in the Army and in 1948 became Executive Director of the American Russian Institute (cited by the Attorney General as a Communist front organization).
Charles Kramer.*

By now, you get the point and believe me, I can type examples of this same kind for WEEKS before I even have to leave the house or get on the net for new intel! All of these people were Communist infiltrators in our government and EVEN THEN, there was a communist in the NRA, who was also in the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor and the Department of State - all prior to the year 1938.

That's right, boys and girls! You are paying dues and other fees to an organization whose directors are using those resources to fund a campaign to disarm us all, while making it look - to the not-so-aware - that they're "preserving our rights".

Well, horse-puckey! They're doing the exact opposite, every time they help to create and pass a law that gives the government power to issue permits, or grant any other type of what you should by now realize is a PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT!

Now, you just mull all that over the next time you want to renew your membership. Is the NRA "preserving your rights", or is it giving the government the power to grant you privileges which it can revoke at a whim - while charging you for the "service"?

*The Naked Communist - by W. Cleon Skousen

Note - the Author, Rick Blume, has a web site that is incredibly interesting, not only covering the 2nd Amendment issues, but the psychology of liberal behaviors, and other very important matters:

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