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Stop the Kangaroo Court Travesty!

Fri, 20 Feb 2004

Governor Owens:

INTERVENE ON RICK STANLEY'S BEHALF. DO IT NOW! DO IT EFFECTIVELY! I assume the facts stated in the email below are accurate because I know the author and he enjoys credibility with me.

The phrase "kangaroo court travesty!" is appropriate regarding how government's serpents in your state have grossly abused Mr. Rick Stanley under color of law.

I am a self-made expert on the Second Amendment, a 32 year member in good standing with the State Bar of California and an ex-criminal prosecutor.

Arising from this travesty, Colorado has become the functional equivalent of a cartoon or a comedy, except, from Stanley's view, from mine, and from thousands of others who have been monitoring this situation, in the real world this situation is a tragedy and a farce. It has turned into a tar paper trap for Colorado and all government officials who attempt to prosecute and/or punish Stanley and/or who turn their backs on him. Stanley had an absolute right to exercise his Second Amendment rights with legal immunity as long as he did so responsibly, which he did. Do your sworn duty to uphold the Constitutional Rule of Law by respecting his rights. Intervene on his behalf now.

--Peter Mancus

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Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 11:09 AM
Subject: Stop the Kangaroo Court Travesty!

An open letter to Colorado Governor Owens:

After Governor Owens signed a law which made it lawful to openly carry a sidearm, a Colorado businessman and constitutional activist, Rick Stanley, was arrested and subsequently convicted and jailed for peacefully and lawfully wearing a sidearm in Denver and Thornton, Colorado.

He broke no law. The people of Colorado are greatly alarmed by this blatant disregard for law by the courts in Denver and Thornton..

Stanley was exercising a right that all Americans have, and that right is acknowledged and protected by the Bill of Rights, the Colorado Constitution, and SB-25, the law which Governor Owens signed into law.

Rick Stanley should never have been jailed. He legally exercised his protected rights, because the cities of Denver and Thornton were unlawfully pursuing policies in opposition to the law. After serving 102 days in jail, Rick Stanley now faces up to 32 years in prison, which will make him a victim of a kangaroo court

Governor Owens should intervene in the Rick Stanley case immediately, and demand that all charges against him be dropped. What happens to Stanley could happen to anyone < especially to anyone who has read the Constitution and exercises inalienable rights thereunder. It is long past time for the People to let their elected and appointed servants understand that it is the People, not the servants who are the masters.

Phil Graf
Editor, Bureau Chief
Coast Writers Syndicate

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