American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS




President Bush II, Attorney General Ashcroft, Senior Republican
Misleadership, Director of Homeland Lockdown, Fascist Bullies of
Intimidation, Clunkers Idiots Association, Not-so-Secret Secret
Service, Crabgrass Congress, and Political Wretches Everywhere of all

I am a registered Republican and a California licensed attorney who voted Libertarian last election. I will soon re-register Independent. I will never again vote Republican until the Republican Party takes seriously the U.S. Bill of Rights, including, but not limited to, the Second Amendment, as an individual right to arms free of all prior restraint that is binding on all levels of government.

Bush II and Ashcroft are proving to be disasters for the Second Amendment and Liberty. The Patriot Act is a gross misnomer--a perversion of the real Constitutional Rule of Law. I want Liberty With Risks. I do not want bogus Security Without Liberty--which is full of risks.

Under Clinton, the Bill of Rights became Bill's rights. But Bush II with Ashcroft's warped judgment is wiping his ass with the Bill of Rights, with Congress' inexplicable consent. This approach to the events of 9-11 is approaching being insufferable--literally.

Embrace the entire U.S. Bill of Rights for all citizens all the time--the whole enchilada, and stop treating ordinary US. citizens as the enemy or suffer a 10,000 year curse.

Want to try to win the next elections without the support of people like me? When a few like me abandon the Republican Party, the Republican Party loses. Think of it: no office; no power; no prestige; no perks; no influence.

Republicans [republicats?] are Democrats Diluted. Or perhaps, Democrats Concentrate. Either way, both parties are disasters.

The two major parties have made me feel politically homeless. Burn in hell.

Take the best parts of all current politicians and you might find seventh tenths of one statesman.

Both parties, much of their leadership, and too many of their hard-core supporters are dangerous domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution, which makes them my sworn enemies.

I did not abandon you. You abandoned me . . . and the U.S. Constitution.

Keep it up and we will have civil war over the real meaning of the Second Amendment and restoration of the Original Constitutional Rule of Law. This is not hyperbole. People have already made, and others are making, the decision to rebel or to at least passively withhold support.

I doubt if either party will reform itself in time before it is too late. Hence, reform thyself immediately or bring on the civil war. Do either. Before I am too infirmed to fight.

What is the worse you can do to me? Deny me Liberty? Piss on you! Kill me? I have to die sometime. Dying is the only thing left that I really have to do. Wearing your yoke is not what I have to do, and will never do. As the Wallace character said in Braveheart, [paraphrased,] "They can take our lives, but they can never take away our freedom. Decline to fight today, and you will live and some day regret that you did not fight today."

Liberty will ultimately survive because enough citizens like me will fight to preserve her and they will win in the long run.

Too many of you in misguided, ill-advised zeal, even if well intentioned, have become dangerous American Taliban. Reformulated, you have perverted our core political dogma as Osama perverted the Koran. Stop it!

Any political party which fails to extend Liberty a saving hand while there is still time to do so will become extinct. Any citizen who fails to do so is at best a spineless, myopic, idiot.

I have got to die some time. I resolve to die on my terms. In the interim, jumping through Bush II's, or anyone else's, perverted ideas of what I must do, is not what I must do and not what I will do.

Until the Republican Party returns to a full embrace of the Constitutional Rule of Law, I will not vote the lesser of two evils. I will vote independently of any political party. If that helps to put--or keep--the most virulent gun grabbing flaming A-hole Freedom Haters and Liberty Thieves in office, so be it. At least that brings me closer to the opportunity to resort to arms with a clear conscience to preserve Liberty. When we disinfect ourselves of political fecal matter, the survivors of a horrific national hemorrhage can start to build anew and place Liberty on a pedestal, where she belongs.

Many who use to vote Republican are in the process of abandoning the party for the reasons stated above.

Dismiss this candid feedback with or without scorn if you wish, but the political plates are in position for a massive shake-up.

It's LIBERTY, stupid!


Stop pursuing SECURITY.

LIBERTY is the best security--the only real, enduring security. Our security lies in Liberty, not in Homeland Lockdown.

Without LIBERTY we are just a glorified banana republic.

Respect the Individual and the U.S. Bill of Rights or forfeit your legitimacy and suffer the consequences.

Do you really not know what is of enduring value? What is worth fighting for? Are you really clueless of the above sentiments spreading among the populace?

Peter J. Mancus 2002
BA With Honors, Political Science
Doctor of Jurisprudence
Member, California State Bar--30 Years
Virulently angry U.S. Citizen
One of your bosses

P.S. The latest edict that an airline passenger must surrender luggage, without locks, and blindly trust airline and/or security personnel to not steal anything or to honor a legitimate claim that X was stolen, is harebrained. No deal! That is another reason for me to never fly again. I will not let you treat me as cattle, strip me of dignity, search my private property and papers, put you in a position to plunder me, force me to trust you, and, then, when all of your ill-advised regulations, and pseudo security measures fail to achieve security, allow myself to be in a position where a military pilot on the public dole can shoot me down with a missile to "fix" layers upon layers upon layers of your egregious errors in judgment.

Thanks to most, if not all of you, Osama Bin Ladin--dead or live--has already won. Damn you. You let one man and a handful of followers motivate you to break faith with the Founders and the Framers. Since you broke faith so quickly, were you looking for a pretext to mug Liberty in the guise of pursing Security?

Each of you are culpable in accelerating this nation's demise


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