50 CALIBER RIFLES



TO:  California Public Safety Committee Members: Carl Washington, Chair

     916-319- 2152;

     Jay La Suer, Vice Chair 916-319-2177;

     Richard L. Dickerson 916-319- 2102;

     Fred Keeley 916-319-2127; 

     Gil Cedillo 916-319-2146;

     Manny Diaz 916- 319-2123;

     Jackie Goldberg 916-319-2145


FROM: Peter J. Mancus

  Attorney at Law

  Victorian Square

  876 Gravenstein Ave. So., Suite 3

  Sebastopol, CA 95472



DATE: April 9, 2002




 You underscore the truth in three of Will Rogers' quips: first, when

the Legislature is in session the peoples' liberty is at risk; second, his jokes are funny but yours are laws; and third, as long as the Legislature is in session, he would never run out of raw material for jokes.


 Heed this prediction: You want the guns? For a growing hard core of

alarmed citizens, delivery can be taken--bullets first.


 Your committee's name, given the bills you approve, is a gross,

euphemistic, misnomer.


 To the extent that you continue to wipe your ass with the Bill of

Rights, I wipe mine with your unconstitutional laws.


 Do not like my attitude? Tough. I loathe yours--with good cause.


 Our visions of America conflict--irreconcilably. Per the Original

Constitution, my rights are inalienable. They come from a Creator or

are innate. Those rights are absolutes. They do not yield to the General Welfare, whatever the hell that is. Your Constitutional ability to promote the General Welfare is constrained by, and stops at, my rights. The General Welfare is best promoted when rights are preserved and not reduced to privileges, when rights are honored and respected instead of compromised and infringed. My rights do not come from the Legislature nor the State nor the Majority. They survive the formation of Society and Civil Authority, regardless of what the Judiciary, Executive and/or Legislature say, with or without the backing of a Majority.


 Through your perversions of the supreme, man-made, real law--the

Original Constitution, you have contributed to the creation of, and sustaining of, a bogus, artificial, Crisis Constitution. You have made living in Kalifornia analogous to Alice's trip in wonderland. Per your vision, rights are too inconvenient and too dangerous for Civil Authority to honor. Per your vision, alleged "necessity" demands that rights must yield to what you deem to be the General Welfare, as if the Original Constitution was, and is, irrelevant and as if rights carry the bubonic plague or nuclear radiation.


 Exactly how is the General Welfare promoted when Civil Authority

reduces rights to privileges and withholds or preconditions privileges

arbitrarily, at its whim?


 Exactly what makes you think you have legitimate power to tell me how

to live my life?


 While it is true that the vast majority of citizens have rolled over

with each of your incremental moves toward a police state, do not push your luck.


Stop trying to force one more victim disarmament law upon citizens. Do

not misconstrue tolerance of your unconstitutional, perverted monstrosities with lack of resolve or lack of courage to resist what you have been doing, including with lethal force, if necessary. Persist on your current course and your vision will bring us to flash point, a snarly confrontation, and a rebirth of Liberty. You cannot mislead us from Liberty to Tyranny and skip Accountability.


 Stop functioning above and against the Original Constitution.

Immediately return to the true Constitutional Rule of Law. Voluntarily wear your Constitutional collar. Lead-- Constitutionally. Do not mislead.


 I have a growing sense that your reign, and your vision of America,

will come to an end. Why? Simple. Your track record increasingly makes your intentions clear. As a result, more citizens now see you in sharper focus and are alarmed. This is because your committee inexplicably gushes over more and more victim disarmament laws while more and more citizens realize that gun control in the guise of crime control is people control, not criminal control. People control is control, for the sake of control. Such control is Tyranny.


 As you know, there is a bill pending in your committee to ban fifty

caliber firearms as an alleged, "necessary" "crime control" measure. But no fifty caliber firearm has been used in a crime in the United States, the inexpensive ones start at $2,500.00, they are heavy, they are not easily portable, and they are impracticable for 99.9999% of criminal activity.


 Hence, any fifty caliber ban cannot be truly directed at criminals.

 Instead, such a ban would harass law-abiding citizens and would set another unconstitutional precedent that you buffoons have the alleged authority to ban any firearm, including .308, .270, .243 calibers, all the way down to the center-fire .22 short. Ban fifty calibers and you will finally clearly reveal that your intentions have nothing to do with crime control and everything to do with your inexplicable, persistent, intolerable attempt to control peaceable citizens, to make them totally dependent on civil authority, and to make them vulnerable to plunder by civil authority. 


 Ban fifty calibers and your insufferable intent shall be remembered. Move on to banning .308 caliber and Kalifornia will morph into a new hell.


 I have two wishes for you and your supporters.


   First Choice: You function Constitutionally, restore and respect

   rights, and honor all Constitutional bright lines 100%, such as,  

   "Congress shall make no law . . . ." and ". . . the right of the

   people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."


   Second Choice: You continue to reign supreme, on top of your  

   dunghill [the Kalifornia Legislature,] for a while longer, oblivious    to, or indifferent to, your treason and your culpability in bringing    about a new birth of Liberty, which I welcome, when the alternative    is a police state.


 As such, you pass more laws to promote your vision which will give

citizens who share my vision clear moral justification to resist your vision withlethal force.


 Given your track record, I entertain no hope that my first choice will

materialize. I strongly prefer the first choice. As a realist, however,

I predict that my second choice will come true. Thanks to your arrogance, your shenanigans, and your imprudence, I predict that to the extent you reject this warning you will  find yourselves on the receiving end of Rule .308 . . . when it is too late, when your world goes suddenly and permanently dark.


 Never heard of Rule .308? It does not exist in law books. You find it

behind the breastbones and in the hearts, minds, and guts of the

spiritual heirs of the Founders and the Framers, namely, virulently pissed off,  well informed, Constitutionally minded citizens who refuse to lick your boots--the ones you dismiss as unwashed peasants.


  Congratulations! Like a dog that returns to lick its vomit, like a

fool who persists in his folly, like a wrongdoer who falls into the pit he dug for another, you increasingly motivate others to seriously consider, and to eventually implement, political assassination.


 When political fecal matter controls civil authority and insufferably

perverts the law, what alternative is there to Rule .308? Tyranny is

not an option.


 Want to risk Rule .308? Go ahead and ban all fifty caliber firearms.

Then try to ban .308's, too.


 Think I am uninformed? Uncivilized? A stupid red neck? Think you are

better than me? Think you are smarter than me? Think your judgment is superior to mine? Think you are in control? If so, read what is available to you at:




 With contempt for your position, your attitudes, your vision,


 Peter J. Mancus,


 California State Bar No. 52606;

 ex-Deputy District Attorney;


100% squeaky clean criminal record; Liberty activist; member of the loyal opposition; a true, ultimate defender of the public's safety; one of your bosses.