The Greatest American Hero

The year was 1775. King George III, monarch of one of the many New World Orders that have festooned this planet for 5 millenia, had ordered that the stores of powder and arms in Worcester and Concord be siezed. In Boston General Gage knew that the King and the "ministry" were becoming very impatient with him and were sending the Generals Howe, Clinton, and Burgoyne to start something. Gage knew something had to be done, so he began opening the curtain of history, known as the "shot heard around the world," by sending out spies to locate the arsenals the King wanted confiscated.

On 5 April Lt. Col. Smith, who in 2 weeks would take his place in history at Lexington and Concord, joined Private John Howe in disguise to spy out the arsenals. The two were pretending to be armorers seeking employment. Smith lost his "cover" almost immediately in Watertown where a black girl serving him breakfast commented to him "Smith, you will find employment enough for you and all Gage's men in a few months." His breakfast ruined, Smith fled, by cover of brush, back to Boston, whilst Howe continued his search for the stores of arms.

Howe pretended to be an armorer and was successful in his quest, working at Springfield, and locating the arms in Worcester. At Concord he worked on the arms for Major Buttrick. Under the guise of going to get his own tools at home, he left employment and headed back to Boston. (1)

Once he'd accomplished his orders, later commended by Gn'l Gage for accuracy and thoroughness, Howe began his return to Boston to submit his report. He stopped in Lexington at a small house to buy food of the old farming couple that dwelt there. In the process, he encountered "The Greatest American Hero."

Private Howe commented, "the old man was cleaning his gun. I asked him what he was going to kill, as he was so old I should not think he could take sight at any game. He said there was a flock of redcoats at Boston...he expected they would make very good marks...I asked the old man how he expected to fight. He said, open field fighting or any other way to kill them redcoats. I asked him how old he was. He said seventy-seven." The young British spy thought, by way of his diary, that the Americans were wonderful, and reported that "will" to Gn'l Gage.

This man, 77 and his wife, unknown to any but God, are named by the present North Caucus, "The Greatest American Hero." It is sure that in two short weeks he would be on the Green at Lexington, or, perhaps at the bridge at Concord. Could he have been the one to answer the first shot?

Now for another point of this essay. What is required of Americans to stand up to THEIR GOVERNMENTS (and, reader, the British Government was their government)? Did they attack their government? What were the attitudes of families who awaited this fateful day? Pause with us, now, to examine a picture. We've all seen it in our history books (assuming we are old enough to have studied American History rather than the Bolshevik sponsored Social Studies upon which the last 2 generations were mentally impaled).

The Greatest American Hero Heads for Lexington and Concord

Look closely. Let's make a list:

  1. His wife knew what he was doing and blessed it with a "buff."
  2. The children were caught up in the excitement.
  3. It was impromptu, but expected at some point.
  4. Their government had been warned that the people were ready for them.
  5. The people did not attack their government.
    • They had Demonstrated.
    • They had Beleaguered.
    • They had Infuriated.
    • They had Antagonized ("The Boston Massacre")
    but not attacked.

Many of us would like to join that man as "Greatest American Hero." What must we do?

  1. We must make sure our family knows our intent and the depth of our will and zeal, and that should any government attack, we will do this thing with or without them. That should include our extended family, regardless of their feelings about our politics.
  2. We have to know and share with our family that it is our unalienable obligation to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government that exceeds its Constitutionally mandated boundaries.
  3. That means our children have to be taught that the nation is in trouble and we are no different than many peoples who faced tyranny. It is our obligation to teach our children that New World Orders of one kind and another have been the vexation of mankind since and before Egyptians, Persians, &c., were killing folks to dominate their "world." We must teach our families that New World Orders are always, be they religious or not, the miasmata of all those who would, through arrogance and a-social thinking, inflict upon the people their narcissistically driven will.
  4. We must be prepared at any time, as the one fellow so depicted above (running and loading at the same time), for governmental incursions of any type. If needs be and we live in states that have used ex-post facto law to illegalize our firearms, we should cache them somewhere where they can be easily accessed.
  5. This matter can, and will occur quite close to us and our homes, being fulminated by not only the Federal, but State and Local governments as well. Add to that the violation of Posse Comitatus via the creation of local Armys in the guise of "police," and this matter can occur in any burg anywhere in the nation.
  6. WE MUST WARN OUR GOVERNMENT THAT WE ARE MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY PREPARED FOR THEIR WORST AMBITIONS. That means letters to our papers and the local, state and federal leadership. It means talks with our LEO folk and neighbors. It means, too the possiblity of petitions of grievance laid upon those in power at all levels.
  7. That means waiting. Along with that it means public, noisy support of efforts like that at Klamath Falls.
  8. Most of all, it could mean picking up your arms and going to a place like WACO, or Ruby Ridge, and standing with the beleagured citizen. If that means setting up an untenable military situation of potential cross fire (assuming that the authorities wouldn't let you into the compound), fine. The BATF, FBI hostage team, and local and state SWAT folks are counting on the people, like dumb animals, standing back while the "law is enforced." They would, of course, take umbrage at an armed citizen walking up under a white flag with the declared intention of joining the folk under siege.

We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately (Ben Franklin)

The leaders of this present tyranny hope for our people to be in all forms of disunity, knowing that the Warning the North Caucus sent out is correct about the inability of small groups to take good defense of themselves. That information is also outlined in the Federalist Papers from which we derived our information for the Warning.

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(1) This narrative was taken from "The Journal Kept by John Howe, as a British Spy," published at Concord New Hampshire, 1827.