American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS


The nation is a Police State. It has been compared by some writers to "STASI," and by the NCA to organizations like the Gestapo, KGB, etc. The NCA, as a group, assert that the creation by this administration, recently approved by Clinton in a speech to the CFR as the continuation of his plans, has in its clutches the technology to pale any of the previous internal security organiztions into insignificance. The digital age allows this organization control over the people that would have had people like the Nazis, Stalin, Mao and others DROOLING like the perverts they were, if they could see the magnitude of the system envisioned by our own government. The efforts of the KGB and Gestapo, were done meticulously by HAND, as evidenced by the cubic TONS of fastidious files in their archives. Now it can all be handled with something the size of a refigerator or two, and there is no way to escape that control.

So, what do we do? It is the conviction of C. Joyce II, and as many of the people as attend this organization, that we can NOT attack our government under any circumstances. Regardless of the sins of the government, we can not pull a "McVeigh," and take the government on. The Founding Fathers, whom we all LOVE and wish to emulate, waited until their NEW WORLD ORDER attacked them to conficsate their firearms.

A number of us would not HESITATE to shoot anyone we found attempting to unilateraly assault or otherwise harm any portion of our governments. But, BUT, what if our government attacks us? Then we take up arms. It is as simple as that. The Founding Fathers admonished us to do that. The oaths we take, both military and civilian, admonish us to do that. DOMESTIC ENEMIES!!. Read, if you will, the totally ignored motto on the walls of the Kalifornia Supreme Court building:

"This abode of justice will stand as long as there are brave men willing to preserve it."

Well, brethren Patriots, how do we preserve it? By law. By the ballot. What if that fails? Do we just bend over and lube up? That is up to you. If you do, you will be a slave to this system and you will have no alternative, nor other to blame than yourself.

This thing accelerated so rapidly with the advent of the Bush Administration and the recent CFR meeting in Virginia, that C. Joyce II wrote the NCA the following:

" Frankly, I see little more use for the North Caucus other than an educational source upon which folks might stumble. There are many now. Shouting to each other is a waste of time. We must shout to others, other than sharing things we think might be of use to each other in our shouting to others. We must be the light in the North Church Tower. They ARE coming. We must also prepare ourselves. I would opt to change Franklin's famous quote, though: it could be quite possible that we may hang together and separately before this thing is resolved. The question is, do we want to hang free, or join a hive with a transponder shoved into some artifical body cavity?

"Remember, folks, the TRT and John Birch Society are groups to which you should direct your attention if you are interested in the possibility of working in groups. That includes self defense, by the bye. The NCA is not an organized defensive organization.
" If any NCA folk in one area want to organize, though, who am I to say not to do it. Just be sure to organize such things as security, contact points, special 800 phone number and the likes. Then, do your thing, and God Speed.

One of our members, an active militia member, corrected me on the matter of militia, and offered to provide some lessons in seeking out, starting your own, and being careful about militia:

" I have tried like hell to fight negative publicity about Militia units for a long time now, and it hurts me to see comments like this [Joyce II had painted the milita with a very negative brush in NCA private mail]. I would like to say that Americans not only should find a unit to train with, but should realize that all ablebodied/ableminded male Americans between ages 18 and 45 are already dutybound members of the Militia in either duty or support roles. It is our responsibility to keep up the training and preparedness as to enforce our freedoms....
The writer then offered to author a course on Militia, so rather than continue the letter above, you will find it as the introduction to MILITIA 101 below.

Finally, dear Patriot, I must make just one more comment. What about WACO? Were we derelict in our duties in that matter, or the matter of Randy Weaver? Definitely. If you read the many dissertations on those two events, you will find both were totally based on supposed violations of the 2nd Amendment. So, what should we have done? Many of us in the NCA have bowed our heads and said, We should have gone there . Saying that I must tell you that it WILL happen again. As soon as this paranoid, a-social government reads messages like this, they will push to see the texture of our mettle. So, what will it be?? What will YOU do? I think you had better study these subjects we are compiling and decide, because either you turn away, or you bend over and oil up. There is no alternative.

Here is a message, quite possibly from WACO as well as the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have died for this nation:

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


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