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Mancus takes aim at the NRA Michel decision to abandon the Gorski effort at pulling down unconstitutionald and ex-post facto law

The NRA refused to help American Patriots pursue their First Amendment right to petition the government for redress in the matter of the Kalifornia disregard of the Bill of Rights. Now the NRA has refused to help a small group of dedicated folk who want to take the state of Kalifornia to task for the un-constitutional and ex-post facto law they created with their blatent tyrannical attempt at controlling firearms. More evidence to support the NCA contention that the NRA is a socialist organization. Peter Mancus delivers one of his fabulous broadsides at the whole preposterous affair, which we entitle:

F-off, Michel!

by Peter Mancus

Imagine the following.

You [Gorski] are in a foxhole on the battlefield. You see an enemy [Govt gun prohibitionists] running across the field. You take a shot. You miss. You shoot again. You miss. You shoot again. You wound one of the enemy. His buddies shoot at you. You duck for cover. You are cold. Tired. Hungry. More than tired. You are exhausted. Your supplies are also critical. Logistics are uncertain and spotty at best.

In the meantime, one of your [alleged] buddies [Michel] is out there some place, in an advantageous position [e.g., good vantage point, behind safety, in control of a major asset (tank, battleship, armed bomber, etc.)]. Your alleged buddy, who is supposed to wear the same uniform and be loyal to your side, hears you on the radio and sees what's going on, but, inexplicably, remains aloof and does not bring his alleged big guns to bear to support you, to kill that enemy.

Simultaneously, Michel's senior authority [e.g., CRPA/NRA,] has this attitude: Japs attacked us on Dec. 7th? Nazi's running amok in Europe? Why worry? We're protected by two oceans. Let's not fight. If we fight, we might lose. Instead, let's sit back and wait and see what's going to happen. Let's conserve and not risk our alleged elite troops and finite resources. Let's do one fund raiser after another. Let's even build an A-bomb, wait, and drop the A-bomb, if necessary, in 4-5 years. And, let's order Michel to chew out Gorski and tell Gorski how to shoot, when to shoot, where to aim, what to load the rifle with, to obey senior command. Why? Because senior command, 3,000 miles away, knows best!

But, back to poor, hungry, exhausted, isolated, cut-off, desperate, determined, Gorski, who's on the front lines, in the trenches. Gorski sees the enemy, and he has the guts to pop up and to shoot. So what if he misses first time? Second time? He is shooting. He is engaging the enemy.

What is Michel doing? What good is Michel's big gun(s) when Michel does not engage?

Which is more deadly: a 300 Win Mag that Michel leaves in the rack or a Triple Deuce that Gorski picks up, loads, aims, squeezes off, and hits an enemy with one shot out of several . . . and continues to fire?

Who is suppressing and/or attriting the enemy more: Gorski? Michel? CRPA? NRA?

Whose got the balls?

Whose got the luxury of waiting for that alleged A-bomb to be built, tested, and delivered?

What's that? What the hell? Who's that out there? What does Gorski see on the battlefield? Damn! Through the binocs, could it really be? By God, it is . . . it really is . . . Michel! Bastard! That SOB! He's talking to the enemy. Worse than that. The SOB is showing him a map, with my [Gorski's] position on it, and he's telling the enemy exactly how to kill me!

What's that I hear on my radio? Shit! Michel's telling our side that he told the enemy where I am because that is good for our side! Crap. Bizarre. Crazy, mean-spirited, stupid, damn, fool.

Hello. Who is this? Michel? Michel, you SOB. Self-fornicate! How many enemy did you shoot at today? Yesterday? How many did you hit? Kill? Oh, you're doing what? You're lounging in the pool, sipping a Mai-Tai? Spending CRPA/NRA money to indulge your hedonistic self? I should do what? Obey you? Follow you? Submit to your instructions to me?

F-off, Michel.

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