American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS



The process began in the 30's when it was considered fashionable to be a "Communist."
"Communists" were popular in post-graduate schools. They specialized in teaching
such things as social studies, philosophy, and critical thinking.

It was so fashionable that a Vice President of the United States was once a member of a Communist Teacher's Organization. His name: Hubert Humphrey. It was very easy for him to just laugh it off: " everyone did it."


It is not our desire to teach a massive history lesson. But, in summarization, go back to the late "teens" and you will find that when Lenin took over what we now call Russia, a group of Bolsheviks fled to America. They weren't stupid. They knew that Lenin was in it for the money/power. They wanted the money/power. Where better to do it where it was legal to voice opinions, shape opinions, and infiltrate governments???

By the 30's, these people, many of whom were college professors, had ensconced themselves in various institutions, including UCLA. They were received with great joy. They brought with them theories on moral relativism, athiesm, etc., that would be powerful tools in molding young minds.

So their thinking, passed on to their jello-brained pupils, now themselves entrenched in institutes of higher eductation, began to appear in public school policy during the 40's. It was called "Progressive Education." The effects were noted! Parents across the country commented on how schools were "changing," but they were too busy fighting a war on two fronts to become very concerned.

Many of us remember having high school and college teachers in the 50's who were constantly running down the government. We referred to them as "Pinkos." It was common for them to make fun of history. They debased historical figures. They introduced historical revisionism, only with the fine tuning of people like Goebbels. But, we were just like the frog, basking in the increased heat of the water.

Then came the 60's. Modern Math was introduced even over the protestations of the more traditional teachers. This "improvement" destroyed our Math capabilities. The machine wasn't broken but it was deftly being fixed, over and over. Institutions like Stanford and Berkeley were producing Mathematics and Science programs that destroyed the ability of elementary and secondary students to learn Math and Science. If you don't believe that, call your local Junior College and ask how MANY "remedial" math classes they have, and what percent of the total population attend them. You'll find that remediation is necessary for as much as 50 percent of their attending students. And the programs begin with Arithmetic. Students who graduate from high schools with high marks in Math and English are having to take it all over in Junior College. Then check back to the 50's and find out how many remedial math and English programs were needed in schools.

In the early 70s the teaching of history was removed from Schools. Students were introduced to "Social Studies." They were told, as were their complacent parents (too busy gathering in the American Dream) that they needed to be able to function in society more than they needed to learn such antiquated things as History and Geography.

Enter the new "open" method of teaching. Memorization is "old fashioned." Suddenly we find student's brains deteriorating as cellular atrophy set in from lack of stimulation. Wasn't it fatefully convenient for the Television Set to replace the stimulation of the book? Once again, progress, and lack of self control, led to increased atrophy of the American Brain.

Enter the notion that flag salutes really shouldn't be inflicted upon the student. No more prayer in school. Forget that there is no mention of "separation of Church and State" in the Constitution. We've taken to studying the "penumbra" of the Constitution. Such things as "what it doesn't say." Enter students that don't know when the Civil War was about, who was fought in the American Revolution, or that the Revolution was a reaction to gun control.


So. Our nation has been "de-patriotized," and it was done systematically. TYRANNY IN ALL ASPECTS OF SOCIETY! Those who shout and pound their fists that this writer is being paranoid and no such thing could possibly happen need to check with the changes that were wrought in Germany by a dedicated and gifted group of


Ask yourself if there is any similarity between the public reaction to WACO and the German Public reaction to Buchenwald, Dachau, or Belsen?

Tom Melville
North Caucus of America
Mississippi Section

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