Ruthless Compassion


One of the many titles for Christ/Messiah, prior to the incarnation, that is in the Old Testament, is El Shaddai – Omnipotent God, the Many Breasted One. The Hebrew word shad means breast and invariably refers to a woman's breast from which a baby is strengthened and nourished and not only that, but is also rested, quieted, and satisfied.


It is a most touching picture then of Him Who created and rules the universe and, while ruling the universe, is seeking, moved by incomprehensible compassion, to strengthen and to nourish those over whom His Name is called, and them not only, but also seeks to be called a Friend by those who so far have chosen to reject Him.


This is compassion of the most euphoric implication the human mind can scarcely comprehend, if at all. True compassion comes from within and offends no one. But when introduced into the arena, where governmental responsibilities are discharged, compassion turns brutal and reveals the very madness defined by the incredible zest and lust with which man seeks to emulate God's and with that also reveals his incredible sickness for believing he can actually compete with Him to duplicate divine compassion. But in the end all it reveals is the dark side of man, dark because common sense ought to make it clear to him that he cannot compete with Him Who is the foundation of the American Republic. Man's compassion is and cannot be the same as God’s. Christ’s compassion comes at the expense of no one other than from Him, He Who bestows it, but man's compassion, when offered for sale in the halls of congress, comes at the expense of others. It is stolen then and, therefore, anything but compassion, is in fact inclemency, sheer ruthlessness, ruthlessness beyond comprehension, no more compassion than robbing a bank to get money for the church is a good deed.


Several of our presidents, in presenting a proposal for immigration reform, employed this word insisting the plan to grant illegal immigrants an opportunity to earn legalization to be a most compassionate approach and solution to the Nation's illegal immigration problem. It is neither compassion nor a solution; it only reveals the madness that has plunged the Nation into the abyss and so also demonstrates the enormous genius of the rogue angel who with this one single word has and holds entrapped all sick of mind, not only just those who wreak havoc in our governmental institutions, and has opened the pathway for compassion to become ruthless. And now, empowered by ruthless compassion, government’s potency is expanded in the name of helping the helpless, all under the aegis of freedom no less, and thus we discover how in the name of freedom, freedom is destroyed and comes to be equated with permission.


The arbiters of this madness, this darkness, in as much as they subscribe to God or even a god, have so twisted their minds as to be convinced that Compassion is their password to the sunny side of heaven, just a block down from where He has His abode, and no argumentation, no matter how lucid, can dispel this darkness. On the contrary! Try to point out to them their error, they become virulent and, empowered by the lord of darkness, will seek to destroy you.



 At no other time was this ever made clearer to me than when a woman, sitting near me, having overheard my disparaging remarks concerning socialism and the devastation it imposes on a nation, bolted up from her chair, looked at me with eyes the size of saucer plates, and hissed: “You, sir, have no compassion!”


Those who have read and remember my efforts at exposing the vitriol of democracy will here have recognized the potency of democracy's evil. It is compassion, mandated by socialism and intoned by religion. And having here brought religion and socialism into coital relationship, I must now, before I continue, take a moment to first make a most significant distinction between religion, any religion, and Christianity.


The two are not the same! Are in fact true opposites! Christianity is the compassionate expression of Him Who rules the universe and finds its verification in the offering of a free gift, the gift of heaven, a gift for which He seeks only to be called a Friend in return. Religion, no matter what the difference between liturgies, on the other hand has its votary persuaded that being good, doing good, and obeying a prescribed ritual will offer him an opportunity to purchase heaven, his personal merits being sufficient legal tender for that acquisition.


It should be clear then to see how this religious distortion, that heaven can be acquired with personal merits, can easily prompt the afflicted, the mentally disturbed, to increase his merits by granting government the power to extract funds from others, not willing to have them extracted, for the purpose of redistributing the nation’s wealth, all in the name of equality.


 Here then we also discover a most astonishing truth. Christianity is the doctrine from which the tenets of our liberty are extracted and then asserted to be the focal element of our Constitution. For liberty is neither predicated on equality nor produces it. While we are all equally free, we do not all choose to employ liberty in the same way and thus expose inequality to be the essence of liberty. To presume otherwise will always pave the road to disaster, a disaster we call democracy.


 It is democracy then which affords the opportunity to exercise the sick belief that compassion will open heaven. No force on earth can dislodge it from the mind infected with it. Not even He, Who is believed to be impressed by it, can do it. He cannot violate free will and this is after all a matter of free will. But He can and will neutralize their madness, if enough of those called by His name and not afflicted by this madness were to appeal to Him and solicited His help to have the Great Republic, His masterpiece, restored. And that, as most of you have heard me say on more than one occasion, requires not only singing to the choir, but also requires singing to the neighborhood followed by the refrain, which extols the scintillating symbiosis between personal sovereignty, the Great Republic, and liberty and then continues to explicate the evils of democracy.



Dieter H. Dahmen

Body and Soul American