American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS

Anatomy of a Republic
Rev: 12/9/02

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you…, seeing you have forgotten..., I will also forget your children...” Hosea 4:6

“That will be difficult to do,” she said, rolling her eyes contemplatively toward the rotunda’s ceiling, “for after all they,” she used the third person plural personal pronoun they instead of the first person plural personal pronoun we, “have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.” Those were Senator Dianne Feinstein’s words the day after a Manchurian ghoul in August of 1999 had attacked Jewish children in Los Angeles and she was asked in Sacramento’s Capitol what sort of gun-control legislation she would now propose.

I can think of no example with greater poignancy than this to demonstrate how self-evident our Constitution is and how thoroughly these Jacobins understand it. The Senator knows! They all know, always did know, have in fact known better than any anti gun-control advocate in the Nation and that even without the incessant exposure to these truths presented to them for these last nearly forty years at every given opportunity. Is it not clear some horrible malignancy renders these creatures non-responsive to these truths? They have broken the chains that bound government. Government is now unchained and unchained it is like a helpless slut hopelessly addicted to her drug and this drug is the most virulent of drugs – power lust and crusader lust combined. Darkness has now engulfed the land and darkness breeds forgetfulness.

Why else is it that no one can give me the reason for the Framers’ anger at being taxed without representation? Understanding the essence of their indignation reveals the essence of their struggle. But it is forgotten, fallen victim to flagrant amnesia. Is it not clear that these magnificent men thought of themselves as kings, being sovereign? And is it not clear that you do not tax the king without his permission? Why? Why does no one know?

Not a single day yields its light to the next without some violently acerbic reminder of government’s absolute and total control over our daily lives. All our actions now are either under government’s directive or its permissive control. Incomparably brutal is government’s intrusion into our personal affairs. Where in the Constitution is there space that would allow government, even with the most generous consideration, the authority to APPROVE anything – anything at all? How, for instance, is it that government is in total control of the stock market? Interest rates are raised, interest rates are lowered and these governmental regulations are accepted with a greater matter of factness than are rain and sunshine. Why does no one ask? Why does everybody take this insidious intrusion for granted? Why? Why is it that no one sees?

Raw, unmitigated, obscene contempt has replaced respect and now sponsors the attitudes of governments everywhere. California faces another budget shortfall! And what is the answer? Stealing from the people, raising taxes, attacking your savings, your retirement nest egg and all this without even the slightest hesitation. Why does no one see? Where are the roots of the malignancy that spawned this flagitious forgetfulness?

And no one has noticed! Not only those who have so much to loose, seeing their entire lives have degenerated to the level where hedonism lulls the senses and acquisition is become a yardstick by which a person’s moral values are adjudged. Also those ever so slightly closer to the wind and having heard the barking of the dogs of war and having seen Mars in his war chariot alight on our shores are no closer to knowing what it is that is devouring our land. Why? Why is it that no one sees?

The list of anti gun-control advocates is long, very long indeed, but none - and that is so frightful to me - has even the remotest idea of what the true purpose and the real essence of the Second Amendment are. Forty years they have incessantly presented the same truths, but have not noticed they did not persuade these girls from Salem, Massachusetts, these deadly predators, death merchants each and every one of them. Forty years they heard we have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and they have known it, forty years they heard we have a Constitutional right to hunt and they have known it, forty years they heard we have a Constitutional right to self defense and they have known it, and forty years they heard we have a Constitutional right to change our government should it ever seek to overthrow our liberties and they have known that too. That is why they will have none of it. Forty years the same method and no one has noticed it has failed. Why? Why is it that no one sees?

All anti gun control proponents seem to be singularly oblivious to and ignorant of these ancient truths and have apparently chosen to remain so. More than once I sought to alert them to the Second Amendment’s true purpose and real essence, albeit without success. Therefore, having said it before I will say it again, some of them remind me of a drowning woman who refuses the life ring thrown her, because it is not of her favorite color and the rest, by far the most, appears to suffer from motivational viscosity.

Motivational viscosity is a most virulent disease which renders the afflicted unable to change his mind even when overwhelming evidence poignantly demonstrates that he should. Picture a man sitting on a chair that interrupts a large circle of huge, multi-tonned, concrete dominoes. He has just pushed the one to his immediate right and it is now only a question of time until the tumbling megaliths topple the one to his immediate left, crushing him. Motivational viscosity has him unable to leave his chair to seek safety and thus escape destruction. What is even more startling is that he is the last of a very large family all of which suffered from the same malady to their own destruction, but he believes himself to be an exception, because, unlike his predecessors who faced the circle, he has his back turned to it.

What then is it that has happened to these golden shores? How can forgetfulness be so deeply entrenched in a people who at one time had the most scintillating history of blessing ever? What is it that has spawned this nauseatingly barbaric amnesia? Almost all are totally oblivious to the fact that destruction has overtaken them. Only a few have noticed something is wrong, things are not the way they ought to be. Somehow they sense the awesome moment facing our Nation. Yet they reject judicial inquisition. What has plunged this people into such stupor?

There are to my knowledge no socialists, i.e., liberal talk show hosts on the air diffusing their destruction. Only conservatives occupy the airwaves, in some form or another, explicating Constitutional concepts and precepts. Their number is not small and in fact appears to be growing judging by their success, which translates into an appeal that must be to millions or else they could not ply their sense of things. Yet the Nation is crumbling as though an unseen monster were at the helm. Not once have I heard as much as only one of them exegete the heritage our Founding Fathers have bequeathed to their progeny. Not one seems to truly understand what sort of government the Founders had instituted here. One, a frequent substitute host on the most distinguished radio talk show, appears to have come closest to understanding. Yet even he is without rudder.

On one occasion the Constitution was the center of discussion. Each point he made demonstrated his thorough and correct perception of our Supreme Law of the land. Having clearly shown that our government has flagrantly exceeded its Constitutional boundaries and having been clearly understood and having achieved perfect resonance with his audience and then having been asked what should now be done, he suggested that government “must be told to obey the Constitution.”

How? Not once did he propose how that might be accomplished. Not once did he suggest how this government could be persuaded to give up its dominance over our people, when it hoped so feverishly for nearly 200 years to gain it. Not once did he, nor did I ever hear anyone else expound it, that government’s supremacy over our people is usurped and, therefore, does not belong to it, but rightfully belongs to us. And worse he never showed how that supremacy ever came to be the jurisdiction of the American people.

On yet another occasion, while listening to a speech on the importance of the Bill of Rights, the speaker displayed a ten-linked chain to demonstrate the interrelationship of the first ten Amendments and their relative significance to each other. He was wrong, terribly wrong! There is a dependence of sorts between these ten codicils and each of itself has importance without equal, but there is no equality between them. If I were to allegorize their significance in physical terms, I would have to ascribe to the Second Amendment the size of the solar system and the size of a pea to the other nine. For you can, if it were possible, destroy the nine but leave the Second, I would still be sovereign. But take the Second and leave the nine, I would be reduced to the status of a helot.

What has happened to my America? When I came to these golden shores, now nearly fifty years ago, her lights were burning bright. Now, in some portions of the land, they are starkly dimmed and in the rest they are barely flickering, except in California, here the lights are out all together. It is midnight here.

I see a river flowing through America. Soft and balmy breezes play gently with the lush riparian growth decorating either shore. Its water is cool, clear, and sweet gurgling toward an unknown land. Virtually all of America is picnicking here, oblivious to anything unpleasant. Tranquility beckons seductively. Yet something speaks of the need for caution here. For signs of darkness are everywhere, signs that not all is well – strange remnants are bleaching not in hidden places, are in fact bleaching in plane sight. If anyone were to look even only with a curious care, he might see a monster must be lurking near, but having scarcely looked he already has forgotten what he saw. Yes, strange things are visible everywhere! How is it that not one from among these many can sense the omen here? It seems forgetfulness is a sign of greatness and required to be approved a citizen in this place.

What sort of river is this then? This is a river like no other. This is Lethe, river of forgetfulness. Americans, the greatest people ever, in numbers beyond counting, have claimed a homestead here. Beguiled by the siren’s song they succumbed to a mad illusion and became beasts with eyes that will not see and ears that will not hear, except the song that lured them here. And what most assails my senses beyond comprehension is that to frolic on Lethe’s luscious shores you have to cross the river Styx, the river of death.

What monster is this that is preying on Lethe’s shores and who is it that sings the siren’s song? What sweetness do theses lyrics breathe that anyone hearing them should feel compelled to cross a river of such awesome rage only to exchange freedom for just a few nights free of fear? One thing is certain it is not swayed much less constricted by our Constitution! How can any one be so naïve to think truth or facts will slay it?

I know this monster for I have seen it. In the dark corners of forgetfulness it nurtures its lust for mayhem and destruction. Its touch is clammy. I know. I have felt it. Its roar is awesome. I know that too. I have heard it. Its breath is foul and that I also know for I have smelled it. Not only do I know, I sought to tell, but no one wants to listen. Everybody has his own way of dealing with this monster that he has not seen, only suspects is there. And so he seeks to slay it with his puny weapon even though it should be clear he is no match for such monstrosity. Thus I am reminded of two ants in queue having crawled up an elephant’s hind leg and just having crossed his back are now cautiously and stealthily approaching the leviathan’s skull from behind. The one in back encourages his friend carrying a raised club thusly: “Go slay him, Anton, slay him dead!” And so it is with every anti gun-control advocate in the Nation – everyone an Anton trying to slay Godzilla with a straw.

And what of these strange remnants bleaching in plane sight? What edifice did they support before forgetfulness condemned them to their stillness? Yet though still, they still speak in unparalleled eloquence, but only speak to me. Only a cursory look tells me these are the remains of a unique institution, one of a kind, only seen once in the entire history of the human kind. These once embodied the greatest form of government any people ever had devised – could have devised. This is what is left of a republic, the only true republic ever to have adorned the pages of history, the American Republic. But no one, and I have asked many, can tell me what a republic is. How is it that forgetfulness can enthrall a people to such levels of ecstasy?

Perhaps I should stop here to reflect on a friend’s observation that I appear to claim proprietary ownership of knowledge concerning the components of our flag, the true purpose and the real essence of the Second Amendment, and the definition of the American Republic – the three cornerstones of the American way of life. I have talked with, talked to, and listened to a host of patriots, all deeply committed to enter the struggle to reverse our Nation’s plunge into oblivion, but none has given me cause to admit to a misperception. Therefore, in the interest of brevity I have claimed that sole understanding. Our Nation is facing an awful moment in her history and I consider this to be an inappropriate occasion in which to stand on ceremony to give deference to those who might give me reason to amend my perception.

Republic was this Nation’s sobriquet to which she once gave answer and had that word emblazoned on her sky. It still evokes weak traces of recollections and, here and there, faint echoes still challenge now unhearing ears. Sadly nothing further stimulates the mind to dare to dispel the darkness. But if we are to have hope to restore our Constitutional heritage, we have to discover how we came to lose it and to discover that, we have to have a thorough understanding of all the tenets of that most euphoric form of human government, the American Republic. And if we dare to explore the inner recesses of our recollections, we will then come to understand everything that went wrong in our Nation.

It will explain the obscene, unmitigated contempt with which all our governments now so readily approach us without even the remotest sign of fear. It will explain why predators are in control, why we have conspiracies, why Stalags (STrafArbeitsLAGer, German meaning "forced labor camp"), why the very people, who swore a solemn oath to defend the instrument that allowed them power, do openly impugn the Author of Liberty and in His name destroy the nation which willingly and readily claimed them for her own, how freedom in the name of freedom becomes slavery, why we have one crisis after another, and then, above all, it will show how incredibly crucial our sovereignty is. If we are to have hope to ever recover our land, these things are required reading, for they will point the way back to glory.

And the road to understanding must begin with this. There are basically only three different forms of government - monarchy, socialism, and a republic. The first two, although different and distinct from one another, have something in common - governmental control over people. But I will forgo discussing monarchy with its various subcategories and confine my prelection only to republicanism and socialism.

But first we should keep in mind that for the Framers many of the elements so crucial for a republic were in place and a given. For us, however, these have regrettably become lost and must, therefore, now reflect a significance they then did not have. For instance, the Founders did not call themselves "sovereign", they called themselves liege. The word liege means to be sovereign, but implies owing allegiance to a feudal overlord, and for them that overlord was justice. They were only too familiar with the horrors of democracy – “mobacracy” as one called it or “a volcano containing within it the fiery mass of self destruction” as another preferred to identify it. This then was the prevailing condition in their day and gave birth to a form of government, the American Republic, which in all likelihood will never be equaled by any other until God Himself will rule.

Since there has always been only one true republic, the American Republic, I will describe that institution only and let the obvious difference between it and the pseudo-republics, e.g. SPQR, the Russian, or the Chinese, be self-explanatory.

The basic constituent of a republic is a conglomerate of two or more sovereign and autonomous governments in allegiance to a central power structure. The distinguishing feature of the American Republic is that its conglomeration was voluntary and the central power structure separate from and subservient to it, while all other republics came into existence through conquest. Not only was conquest their congealing force, but the conquering nation also maintained hegemony over those it had conquered.

There is one additional constituent endemic to the American Republic only; it is in fact the very essence of its soul. It is the assertion that all, including those vested with the authority to govern, are subject to a Law Giver beyond man. Him the Founders called Author of Liberty and anyone, even with only a cursory look, will discover they meant Christ the Redeemer and that it was He Who played an intimate part in structuring the American Republic. How anyone is able to overlook this intimacy and then go on to espouse the ridiculous notion that this Nation's ascent to glory, power, and wealth is solely attributable to coincidence is a most profound display of absurdity, especially upon recognizing that the Nation’s descent into oblivion is coterminous with an incredibly hate filled rejection of Him. What is even more astonishing is the Framers' equally profound distinction they made between religion and Christianity, one in favor of Christianity, for they knew these were two inimical perceptions, not even remotely the same, were indeed opposites. It was this simple recognition that produced a government in chains and levied obedience upon it.

To ensure continued obedience, the Founders made certain that no State in the American Union would ever achieve hegemony over another and, even more important, that the States would always maintain their hegemony over the central government. This they assured by encoding two concepts into the Supreme Law of the land, which together were to reinforce the States' supremacy. Both have been destroyed, one completely and the other nearly so. The former is States Rights and the latter our Second Amendment.

It should be obvious, and it was so to the Founding Fathers, that each society has two components - people and government. Both, they said, should be represented in that central power structure and either should have the right and the authority to choose those who would represent it there. The people would choose their representatives and the legislatures theirs, Representatives and Senators, respectively. Two senators for each legislature assured that no state would gain hegemony over another and would assure equality among them. It was this concept coupled with the insistence that each American had a God-given, not a man-given, right to keep and bear arms, that should have assured eternal longevity of the people's sovereignty, their dominance, over all their governments and the States’ supremacy over the Federal Government.

But it did not! In April of 1913, the 17th Amendment disenfranchised the States of their right to appoint their representatives and election for Senators was then committed to public elections slates. With that insidious mutation States Rights were lost, because the central, i.e. Federal Government filled the ensuing void. Not only were States Rights lost, but also equality among the States evaporated and instead hegemony asserted itself. Thus that which once had been designed to be a servant, became a master and in March of 1961 the 23rd Amendment confirmed that mastery.

By the way it was this insidious disenfranchising the state legislatures of their natural right to appoint their representatives that rendered the Clinton impeachment process impotent. When Andrew Johnson was impeached, Senators were beholden to their respective legislatures, but now they are beholden to the people of each state. Thus the people are now involved in all three phases of the impeachment procedure and the House Managers' referring to the Senators as jurors instead of judges, even though the impeachment code requires it, was, therefore, correct and Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist should never have sustained Senator Harkin's request to enjoin the managers to call the Senators jurors.

There is no need here to elaborate on how the Civil War laid the foundation for the destruction of States Rights, except to say that it was those Southern swine, democrats to a man, who, in the name of States Rights, however correct that was, sought to vindicate slavery. How anyone could ever justify getting high on power that allowed him to demand obedience from another, is beyond me. This very monstrosity, so reflective of democracy, represents for me the epitome of vileness. Trust me, this madness is still alive and raging, and was so especially during reconstruction. All opposition to extend equal rights to the Negro via the 14th Amendment came only from democrats, from either side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Achieving supremacy over the States would be as far as the federal government would dare to go as long as the people retained their supremacy over all governments by virtue of their God-given right to keep and bear arms. But Washington had tasted power and power was intoxicating. Thus it was essential that this barrier be breached and the Second Amendment be attacked. But that attack and the near destruction of the Second Amendment had to wait another fifty years. It was, however, just as simple, swift and certain. We allowed government to ban, i.e. forbid, something for which it had no jurisdiction. We granted government the power to forbid in order to alleviate a social ill, to secure a “good.” Assault weapons provided the legerdemain. It could have been anything - marbles, sugar, forks and knives - anything, but it was weapons, the jugular of the Second Amendment.

Government has neither power nor rights. It had been granted authority to act and that only in certain areas, where for obvious reasons the people's consent was not required. For everything else it was necessary to acquire that consent. And in one careless moment we granted that consent and now, because of it, have a monster on our hands, a monster that had its birthplace in “good.” So we forgot that he who forbids is the sovereign and that he who is forbidden is the slave. Our government is now unchained and an unchained government must metamorphose, it has no choice.

Let me ask you something before I continue. If you had for instance a bag with ten, say red, marbles and I took one or added one or replaced one with another color, would it not be clear that you no longer had the same bag of marbles? Would it, therefore, not also be clear that if you altered any one of the Republic’s tenets, you will no longer have a republic? Chains are one of our Republic’s tenets; they are an essential element of it. Break them and government is unchained and an unchained government cannot be a republic. Since a true republic is a perfect form of government, you cannot improve it, you can only destroy it and a destroyed republic has but one choice for its transformation. And what choice could that be? It would either have to be a monarchy or socialism and it obviously cannot be a monarchy.

That brings us now to socialism. What then is socialism? Not all that long ago socialism came in six versions: Nazism, communism, fascism, and democracy with its two sycophancian aberrations - liberalism and moderatism. Nazism is socialism imposed on a single people, communism is socialism imposed on more than one people, fascism is a hybrid of these two, democracy is socialism mixed with altruism, and the remaining two are slightly modified delinquency versions of democracy.

Nazism and fascism are now discarded versions. Communism is slowly disintegrating. But some of their most virulent elements are still present, present in democracy and that should not surprise us, if we recognize the fact that democracy's most significant constituent is socialism. And how is it that socialism and altruism so readily amalgamate? Both are predicated on the notion to help others. However, while altruism implies one man helping another, socialism implies helping a man, but at the expense of another and to implement that makes robbing both of their free will a necessity and to secure that it must kill. Socialism then first steals a man's free will and then his life. This is the epitaph of democracy, for any amalgamation will assume the characteristics of the worst element from which it acquired its best parts.

He Who is the Foundation of our Republic admonished, "not to let the right hand know what the left hand is doing." Americans then understood it and so it came to be that giving your neighbor a helping hand was a natural outgrowth of the American character, which demonstrated them to be a new species of humans. But they permitted a contrived crisis to intrude into their lives and so converted “helping” into altruism - turning into a religion what once had been the evidence of their greatness. Thus socialism and altruism became complicit in giving us democracy, where all final authority and responsibility are vested in man himself. That is why in a democracy man, the lawgiver, perceives himself to be above the law. That is why a man with power, but without chains, becomes predator. That is why a man free to enforce his vision of “good” must, not might, become contemptuous. And that is also why a man without God envisions himself to be god and in the name of good will destroy freedom. How can it be otherwise? How can it be not so?

We then see that of all the versions of socialism, democracy is the most vicious and my attempt to demonstrate the utter helplessness of unchained government in gravitating to this level of unmitigated brutality and total tyranny is not an attempt to diffuse that viciousness, but to show how deep this form of depravity is, how profound its violence, and how monstrous its imposition on the people and, therefore, the enormous resources required to subdue it. It is, therefore, not enough to constantly alert one another of government’s incessant infractions of Constitutional constraints. Forty years of doing so has failed, which should be ample evidence that some other effort must be made – an effort of sufficient potency to combat religion. For socialism is a religion where man is god. Religion's predicate is "good", "good" is the birthplace of all evil and one of evil’s main constituents is contempt.

. Unbelievable contempt is now the vile quintessence reflected in all governments’ discharges of their duties toward the people of this land. In the two languages I can speak I cannot find a single word by which I could do justice to this hellish contortion. But to show you how deep this flagitious contempt is, let me say that it cannot be exorcised, because it is not a contrived condition, it is a natural condition. Just like a stone thrown in the air will invariably fall back, so a republic, with chains removed, will degenerate into a democracy. It is like the natural response of a street bully, when he discovers nobody will challenge him, because everybody is afraid of him. This is not an addiction, like drugs or alcohol, which sometimes can be cured, at least by some, with a great deal of willpower. This is like an incurable disease that can only get worse. It is not premeditation, it is not planned, this is the natural, unavoidable consequence when a republic loses its chains. Almost everything, with very few exceptions indeed, is subdueable by the human will, but preventing a republic, once the chains are removed, from degenerating into a democracy is not one of them.

How then can we restore our Republic? There is no discourse persuasive enough to have any government relinquish what it has enjoyed these last nearly four decades and now considers a divine mandate. You would have greater success persuading a hungry bear not to eat his honey after he got stung many times trying to get it. Forty years of insisting on having a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms has only led to uninterrupted losses of our freedoms. Forty years of total failure are poignant proof that, though standing on truth, alone we cannot prevail.

What then must we do? Or should I ask: “What is that we should not do?” We obviously cannot step into a darkened room and expect by simply observing that the lights are out that that will turn them back on again. One thing though should be clear by now; we need to do more than just alert each other to the existence of labor camps, rogue police officers, provocateurism, contempt for the people, water fluoridation, Bilderburgers, and the CFR, the veritable Council on Foreign Relations.

Permit me to digress here for a moment to demonstrate the effeteness of seeking to destroy an enemy by exposing him with information. I am not implying information is useless, far, far from it, but it is useless, if it does not lead to a solution, if not correctly understood and applied. What, for instance, will you have accomplished when information confirms you have a broken chain, but, unable to find or reach the broken link, you simply render another twice as thick as it was before? You will still have a broken chain! Will you not?

I read Stormer’s None Dare Call It Treason in 1964, when it was first published. All of it true, every bit of it. The CFR is a main protagonist. It sought then frantically, and I should add successfully, to remain anonymous. It even went so far as to disavow one of its most ardent supporters, a Dr. Quiggly, when he praised it in his Tragedy and Hope. Who has not heard of Admiral Forestall, who, having joined the CFR only for the purpose of exposing it, so rumor had it, found himself under psychiatric observation at Bethesda Hospital and on the day of his release committed suicide?

Millions have known this. Millions have heard of the CFR. Has that knowledge dismantled that covey of warlocks and witches? No! In fact, now its members are billed as “experts on foreign relations.” You can see at least once a month a different one of them on talk TV giving his opinion - there it is called “expert analysis” - on why things are the way they are.

I ask again, what has having knowledge accomplished? How can I make it more perspicuous that government, although culpable, is not our problem? We just perceive it so, because it is the tip of the iceberg. Let us not lose sight of the fact that no politician ever got up one fine morning, traveled to Washington, or for that matter any other place, looking for an empty chair to occupy. People are our problem. It is people who vote for those who have destroyed our Republic and our liberties and will keep on doing so, unless reoriented. This is why you can achieve nothing by just replacing everyone in office, even if it were with an angel.

I know the task is formidable, given what Americans have become. Their precipitous plunge from greatness to baseness in less than a generation boggles the mind. Once, during the Nixon-Kennedy election, a group of young girls, then between eighteen and twenty, got on the same bus on which I was going to class. Delirious over election projections giving Kennedy the presidency, they were beside themselves with ecstasy shouting: “Oh, he’ll look so cute in the presidential chair.” And that says it all.

If I thought it necessary to persuade every American to help restore the Republic, I would not be writing these lines. But my observation of history has shown me that all changes were achieved by only a handful of votaries for each cause: Lenin and his wife, only two, Castro with some twenty and Hitler with about the same, the Founding Fathers, only fifty-six, and Christ, the Author of Liberty, only twelve. And this also has shown me something else; there is a power beyond man that must be coaxed to enter the ring, good for good and bad for bad, although, I am certain, not much coaxing would be needed for the bad.

Others, unquestioningly in love with their country, seek to voice their deep enmity toward the destroyers of our country in unmitigated rage. Rage like information accomplishes nothing for our cause. Rage makes you vulnerable and, therefore, ineffective. Someone I know, now eighty-four years old, when young lettered in boxing among many other things. He won all his fights, he tells me, by being just that good, although some, he semi-ruefully admits, he won by resorting to trickery. He would ask the referee to repeat the instructions, because, as he put it: “I don’t think my opponent is intelligent enough to have understood them the first time.” That apparently enraged his adversary to such a degree as to render him an easy opponent. Rage also makes you a marked man and you are then liable to share Admiral Forestall’s fate. But the greatest reason for suppressing anger I can propose, is that rage does not frighten the tyrant. It is in fact an aphrodisiac for him. Who is not familiar with that most daring of all battle cries “out of my dead, cold hands?” Be assured the man hunter is sexually aroused by these words.

Throughout California many police officials have blatantly refused to issue permits to carry weapons concealed, ostensibly being anti-gun as well as being concerned about presumed gun violence. Since their refusal is not only unconstitutional but also in violation of State law, many permission seekers have become understandably enraged and in their anger have become oblivious to the real reason for the reluctance to issue gun permits. While an anti-gun stance undoubtedly plays a role, I propose two other reasons the lesser of which would be people control. But by far the most prominent reason will have to be found in something else.

If anyone were to visit Coloma, California’s gold discovery site, from say Old Hangtown, now Placerville, he would have to make a right turn at the bottom of the grade to see the exhibits. Within only a few feet, on his left, he would notice a small, now roofless, stone structure with its front side missing. A closer look would reveal bars on the two remaining window openings and an even closer look will identify it as the old jail in use almost 150 years ago.

It would surprise me if no one were to express bewilderment at its smallness. Large numbers of miners, driven only by the lust for gold and whiskey, lived here. Yet, as the jail’s small size, perhaps two or three cells, suggests only a small police force was needed to subdue their lust for wantonness. What is the explanation?

An 1850 article, “Sunday In Hangtown,” in a short-lived Hangtown Gazette, offers one. Sunday was the day, when miners changed from Argonaut to reveler. By the thousands they arrived early in town. All were armed. Some only with knives, others only with guns, but by far the most with both – knives and guns. By noontime all were seven sheets to the wind, barely able to tell the difference between a nickel and a dime. Yet except for an occasional bar room brawl nothing disturbed their zest for relaxation. Why? Because everybody knew that if he drew his weapon without being justifiably provoked, he would find himself to be the center of attraction for a social event, known as a “cravat party.”

I submit, therefore, the real reason for the reluctance toward issuing gun permits by today’s police officials is the enormously debilitating effect gun possession has on empire building, because of a potentially very substantial reduction in the crime rate. Crime and crime fighters enjoy a symbiotic relationship without which neither could survive.

Now I will revisit the question: what then must we do? I certainly would not want anyone to deviate from his established course. Nothing instills greater confidence than familiarity. What I am asking though is that, in whatever efforts we make, we make the definition of a republic with its implied beauty of the people’s sovereignty an integral part of all our discussions and presentations. Nothing else will help.

Then and only then, when our sovereignty is restored by popular demand, will all maladies presently afflicting our Land dissipate. Otherwise we cannot succeed. Without a republic as a refuge we are only trying to kill a Hydraistic snake by removing pieces from it beginning at the tail and accomplishing nothing more than making it bigger, because it replaces each piece removed with one twice as big as the one taken. Even if, as I said above, we could by some magic, color unknown, remove every politician from office and replace him with an angel, but left government unchained, within weeks or months, but certainly not more than past the next election, everything would be as it was before and the color of the magic will then have proven to have been black.

A government, to be a republic, must be chained and chains can only be affixed by the people and that only, if they insist on being liege and in vassalage to justice only. Then we can restore our Republic by reconfirming each State’s equality and then their hegemony over the Federal Government. This is the only means by which we can assure longevity of and certainty for our sovereignty. Sovereignty then must preface and precede all our efforts whatever each of us perceives these to be.

Perhaps a simple mathematical metaphor may help to illustrate the point I have been trying to make now for so long. The algebraic equation, Y=X, considers X to be the independent variable and Y the dependent variable, meaning that X will do what it chooses to do, while Y will respond obediently to every command given by X. Politics has an identical equation that clearly expresses the violent symbiosis between tyranny, the Y or T, and forgetfulness, the X or F. Hence we have the equation T=F. Understanding that tyranny can only be a governmental characteristic and forgetfulness a people property, we can see that the onus for change rests entirely with the people, while government, except for the human factor, is completely exonerated, not even a scintilla of responsibility burdens government’s response.

After a several year hiatus, I abandoned myself to one of my passions again – Jazz, Dixie land style, and attended the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. It is no longer a Dixieland Jazz Jubilee; it is not even a jazz jubilee anymore. Now it is just an omni phonetics event, but one can still find true Dixie bands. What makes this form of jazz so soothing for me is the fact that it is born of an unincarcerated soul, a soul obedient to the dancing notes on a music sheet only. The Nazis were never able to understand it. Schräge Musik (slanted, queer music) is what they called it and in their vacuous minds they saw a semblance between jazz and the ratatatat of a machine gun, because that is what they called the oblique machine guns mounted on their Heinkel He 219A night fighter planes.

Listening to an all-Texas band, its leader introduced his violin player, Glenn in his late seventies, as one of the best and one who had won many competitions. Asking him, for the audience’s benefit, what his greatest competition had ever been, Glenn in a quiet, unassuming tone of voice answered: Okinawa! I do not know if anyone else heard it or what anyone else thought. But as for me that single word cloaked him in glory. I did not stop to ask, maybe because I did not want my vision disturbed, but he looked the type: slender, quiet, like Owen Wister’s “Virginian” who calmly retorted, when an antagonist had hurled expletives at him: “You better smile Mister, when you say that.” And I was wondering then if he knew Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Robert Eugene Bush, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division who on May 2, 1945 volunteered to join Lt. James Roach’s twelve-man patrol on Okinawa scouting routes for US advances.
“Just a few hundred yards from their starting point, cresting a ridge, the rifle company was caught in a concentrated mortar barrage. Nearly every man was hit, the most serious among them Lt. Roach, who lay face up on the skyline.

“Braving a fury of shrapnel and machine gun fire, corpsman Bush moved from one casualty to another until he reached Lt. Roach. Bush prepared a plasma bottle and as he slipped the needle into Roach’s arm, Japanese infantry charged.

“Fearing the wounded officer would die if the transfusion was interrupted, Bush held the bottle aloft with one hand, drew his .45, and, silhouetted against the sky, calmly fired a clip of ammunition, pointblank, into the charging enemy.

“Still holding the plasma, Bush picked up Roach’s carbine and downed several enemy soldiers. When a grenade fell near the two Americans, Bush sheltered Roach with his body and was peppered with jagged fragments. Bush then rose and continued firing the carbine until another exploding grenade drove shrapnel into his left arm and right eye.

“After surviving members of his patrol routed the Japanese, the fearless medic refused treatment until Lt. Roach had been evacuated. Walking on his own, Bush collapsed trying to reach the company aid station.”

Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Robert Eugene Bush lost an eye, but survived to receive America’s highest decoration for valor – the Medal of Honor.

When I read Medal of Honor citations, I stand in absolute and total awe of these men and see beyond the citation. I see medallist Bush without hate or vengeance, just chagrinned at the interruption of doing his duty, calmly firing his weapon in sweet staccato violence so that I could some day taste the sweet fruit of his devotion to duty. Enraptured by and clinging to this vision I walked away to seek another venue.

Walking these ancient streets of Old Sacramento is not easy without hearing those who walked them so long ago whisper in most heart rending refrains: What have you done, what have you done? Then I weep for I have no answer, because theirs is not a question looking for an answer. They know the answer and so do I. That is when melancholy pursues and catches me, turns person, and begins to reminisce and every remembrance exacerbates for me the difference between what is now and what ought to be. So theirs is a question of challenge then and the answer to that I also know, but no one listens. Lethe’s waters are too sweet.

In conclusion let me make one final observation. I have often reflected on this notion of sovereignty, especially when observing those strange creatures faintly resembling human beings. You know which ones I mean. Chartreuse hair, spiked and Mohawk style, on boards with wheels, believing themselves to be at the vortex of admiration, a new species of mutants, with any kind of cross-pollination completely out of the question. Every body appendage pierced, preferably more than once. The alternate sex packaged in trousers that appear to contain six months of undiscarded fecal matter and would require filing an extensive environmental impact report before cleaning, because the destruction of wild life and its habitat would be enormous. Then I remember their strange affrontiveness is just helplessness turned into madness. Even though responsible, they are not at fault! For this is the natural consequence, when a republic, once the background to life for a free people, is destroyed and freedom has become an illusion!

And this is not all. One would have to be near the fringes of insanity not to see, even with only a perfunctory look, that these and almost all Americans of today are still afflicted with the same fears and helplessness imposed upon them at birth. Their perceptive abilities are so terribly regressed frozen broccoli could easily compete with them. Only one compulsion promotes response – hedonism: either toward sex or possessions. But they seem to sense something is not the way it ought to be and that has produced a pronounced sense of frustration, which in turn has evoked in them an incredible expression of rage. Road rage, fear of death, school shootings, serial crimes, hate for God, and a host of other cerebral malfunctions, including unbelievable displays of absurdities: saving owls, lizards, flowers, even in places where no one but a handful of people would ever go. All this - the natural result of a republic destroyed. And who are those who refused to stand guard over this beautiful land? None others than those who thought “he’ll look so cute in the presidential chair.”

Restore the euphoria of sovereignty, you will restore the Republic and this madness will vanish. For then will have been reinvoked the old chain of command: God, people, local and State governments, and lastly, where it belongs, the Federal government.

Dieter H. Dahmen
Body and Soul American

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