American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS


The Peace Officer

No reason is given for his seeking to overthrow Him Who gave him existence other than that he had arrogated to himself the conviction that he was greater than He Who made him and that it should rightfully be he who ought to rule the heavens. He failed! Having been arrested, tried, found guilty, and then sentenced to the lake of fire burning with flames that give no light, he appealed his fate, arguing that he had no choice in the matter.

God, he claimed, knew he would seek to rule the universe in His place and that the only way He could have known that was that He, God, made him, Satan, to attempt it. Therefore, assigning him to such an awesome fate was not only unfair, but also bestial and unlawful.

Thus the Sovereign of the universe consented to demonstrate that no one, including he who argued it, was compelled to do what he did, that in stead it was the product of his renegade mind, that he chose to do what he did and chose to do it freely. To demonstrate then that he had free will, was free to make good on any of his aberrations, occasioned the creation of man for the sole purpose to demonstrate that every creatureís will is unencumbered in the exercise of its intentions.

Manís will is free and so are his decisions. And then, seeing his decisions are free, the consequences of his decisions belong to no one other than to him whose decision had caused them. Man is responsible for his actions and their results only to himself. He cannot hold another accountable for what his madness has wrought and thus his fellow man is fully entitled to hold him responsible for whatever his madness has produced.

Picture then a rapist! He is after all, although reluctantly, perceived to be human. He needs to eat. He needs to sleep and he also seeks to be entertained. Not all the time is his mind focused on his lust, but when it bursts to life only he can control it for only he is responsible for it.

See him then on his way to the local 7-11 to secure his daily six-pack of Bud-Lite, when he sees a woman matching his criterion. As his mind begins to formulate his intent, a peace officer, at first not seen, suddenly appears and engages the lady in a conversation. Is it perhaps logical to assume that his intentions, long before matured, suffered a drastic setback and were instantly derailed? He might give it brief consideration how to neutralize the officer, but most likely not for long.

This then is the power of the Second Amendment! Government is the rapist, the citizen the lady, and the Second Amendment the peace officer. And as the rapistís lust to rape is reduced to a stifling agitation when he becomes aware of the peace officerís presence, in like manner governmentís lust, long before it could mature to dominate the citizen, came to be suppressed, when the Second Amendment, having cloaked the citizen in authority and indisputable supremacy, alerted the would-be rapist to danger and, overwhelming him, forced him to revert to his status of servitude and there to obey.

Then citizen and government lived in harmony and unequalled tranquility. Then the Second Amendment was a peace officer, keeping citizen and government at peace, silently and passionately devoted to subduing the servantís slightest sign of lust to rape the king of the land, not by crushing it, but by suppressing it long before it could even raise its ugly head.

It would serve us well to take a moment here to recognize the Second Amendment, like the peace officer, is the only legitimate force allowed to subdue free will in a land ruled by a sovereign people. As such it is always sufficient to crush the lust to rape, for a rapistís lust to rape is prompted by free will and governmentís lust to violate the citizen is also prompted by an unencumbered will.

But unlike the rapist, who briefly deliberated to circumvent the peace officer, government also deliberated how to neutralize the Second Amendment, but, again unlike the rapist, persisted and prevailed.

And now the peace officer is become a police officer and as such a deputized highwayman!

Dieter H. Dahmen