American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS


Carmichael, CA 95608
November 1, 1999

Charlton Heston
2859 Coldwater Canyon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dear Mr. Heston:

  Please forgive my intrusion into what must be an incredibly busy life. Be assured I would not have disturbed you, if it were not for a definition, a definition unfortunately flawed, of the Second Amendment you gave in your recent "President's Column," if I were not certain of how gun control advocacy has threatened our Nation's very survival, and were not convinced that I appear, at least at this stage, to be the only one who correctly understands the real purpose and true essence of the Second Amendment.

  I was born under tyranny, the most egregious kind. Therefore, for you to better understand my lament, permit me to begin with a short historical accounting of this malignancy.

  One is hard pressed to find that single most unique moment in our nation's history, when gun control advocacy began. The diligent student will undoubtedly find several instances where some, not of American persuasion, expressed repugnance at arms, but soon faded like late snowflakes under a warm spring sun. Some, and that would include me, will find Wyatt Earp a precursive proponent of gun control, when he, as an officer of the law in Tombstone, sought to enforce a city ordinance requiring reveling cowboys to check their guns at the "outskirts of town." Neither the ordinance nor the attempt were well received. In fact, some found it such an intrusive infringement of their right to be armed, that they violently refused to comply. Their refusal, exacerbated by personal animosity, is indelibly committed to the pages of history and remembered today as "The Gun Fight At The O.K. Corral."

  But certainly nobody will refute that the most concerted, the most pernicious attack on the Second Amendment, the noblest of our codicils, began in the early 1960`s. It began harmlessly enough. Isolated expression here and there that soon passed. Then the Kennedy assassination! New life for gun control mania! It too faded. But then another manchurian candidate, on August 1st, 1966, climbed the Book Tower at the University of Austin, Texas, killed 13 and wounded, I believe, more than twice that many and gun control madness became an integral part of our national identity.

  First came the 1968 Gun Control Act, alleged to be a verbatim translation of the 1935 Nazi gun control act. It was to be "as harmless as registering your automobile." That "harmless", seemingly innocuous beginning, this safe-maker rivulet has now become a torrent that has swept us to the very edge of oblivion and, if we do not find the secret to its vulnerability soon, will sweep us into extinction.

  How could it happen? How was it accomplished? In the most straight forward and simplest fashion -

  Exploiting ignorance! Americans today are woefully ignorant of the real purpose and true essence of the Second Amendment and, worse, do not even know how its purpose is accomplished and how its essence is manifested. How appalling! I have to make allowance, here, for one exception. Alan Keyes, judging by an interview, has an almost perfect understanding. But all other anti-gun control advocates, including the NRA and the GOC, have for the last nearly 40 years presumed that purpose, that essence to be the right to be armed, hunting, self defense against an intruder and a rapacious government, target shooting, and enforced governmental ignorance concerning gun ownership, as you have suggested in your recent "President's Column." All these, to be sure, are marvelous benefits of that most euphoric provision. But purpose and essence, they are not. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

  To me it is furiously enraging that something so fundamental could be so beyond understanding. The result alone that this posture has produced, should have been sufficient to alert even the simplest that something is wrong. When you thrust your hand into a flame and find it scorched upon withdrawing it, even the most challenged will comprehend that thrusting it back into the flame will not heal it. Yet this is precisely what we, in defense of our Amendment, have done and have done repeatedly. I now understand Cassandra's plight!

  In your "President's Column" you propose that the apparent paucity of firearms references in Colonial wills is a reflection of the ancients' mistrust of government and you find that to be the purpose and true essence of the Second Amendment. Mr. Heston, with due respect, this is patently wrong. If all my fears were centered on governmental ignorance concerning my gun ownership, I would be in seventh heaven. But I am not! I am in seventh hell. And furthermore, I would argue that for nearly 200 years the American people were blessed with a civil and obedient government. No other nation ever has been so blessed. And I will hold that to be so, because government always knew that the people were and still are armed.

  We need to leave Lethe's shore. We need to refocus on the real purpose and the true essence of the Second Amendment, and that is SOVEREIGNTY, our, the peoples', sovereignty. Please read the attached copy of my speech I was privileged to give before a local meeting of the Sacramento Republican Assembly, at Mr. Sam Paredes's invitation. Sam Paredes is Deputy Director of Gun Owners of California.

  In it I seek to tell why I am an American and why that has given me a singular understanding of the Second Amendment. In it you also find mention of a monster I have seen, felt, heard, and smelt, a monster of incredible ferocity now lairing on America's soil. You will not find it difficult to identify that monster, but unlike I, you cannot feel, hear, or smell it now. When you do, it will be too late. But I can grant you a glimpse of it. To that end I have also attached a copy of a letter I found in the personal papers of my wife's aunt. It is addressed to her husband and translated reads as follows:

The local group has on the basis of several witnesses indisputably discovered, that your wife on June 17th of this year (1938), in the afternoon, did make purchases in the Jewish hat store "Mohnblatt," (located in) Friedenau, Mainstreet 80.

He, who buys from the Jew, is a traitor (to his) people!

The local group reminds you of the enormous consequences and gives you a most severe warning.

Heil Hitler

  The original is framed and on display in my study as an informant to anyone what the natural consequences of unconstrained government are, not can be, are.

  Let this be NRA's and GOC's impetus to instill again in the American people an awareness of the beauty of Sovereignty over their Government. Only then can we begin to hope to restore our Republic and to force our government to act within constitutional mandates again. Would you, therefore, please consider in the future, when making reference to the Second Amendment's purpose and essence, to make Sovereignty its consummate definition without omitting those other beautiful, natural benefits inherent in sovereignty.

  One more point! On that strange date, April 19th, this one belonging to the year 1943, a few thousand Jews in the Warsaw ghetto rebelled against their Nazi oppressors. Even though gun possession was a capital offence, these brave people garnered sufficient arms to withstand thousands of German soldiers and were not subdued until months later. The point is this. If the Nazis, not known for kindness toward Jews, could not make gun control work, then no one can.


Dieter H. Dahmen

Carmichael, CA 95608
May 23, 2000

Charlton Heston
2859 Coldwater Canyon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dear Mr. Heston:
I was deeply moved when I received your letter of May 2. You received mine of November, 1999 via a very circuitous route.

  My next door neighbor is Arthur Van Court, retired LA police officer, one time security director for Senator Goldwater when he sought the Presidency and again for Ronald Reagan when he ran for governor, five-time appointee to US Marshall for the Eastern District (appointed by Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush), and, most recently, member of the California Prison Commission under Governor Wilson. He read my "Soul of Freedom Speech" and expressed his belief that it should be published by the NRA, where it could and should be read by every pro-Second Amendment advocate. When I told him how difficult it is to penetrate the enormous wall of reclusivity that surrounds famous people like you or Mr. Limbaugh, Arthur offered to have his personal friend Clint Walker read it. Mr. Walker did read my speech and agreed that you should also read it. To this end he forwarded it to his friend, your next door neighbor, with the expressed instruction to hand-deliver it to you.

  I know how precious your time is. Yet I deliberately chose to violate protocol by intruding into your busy life again so that you would come to know how difficult it is for ordinary people to talk to you. However, when you decided to accept NRA's presidency, you gave up almost all of your cherished privacy and in essence chose to serve at my pleasure. Hopefully, you can modify the system that presently shields you from needless intrusion so that you can hear those who truly have something to say.

  As I sought to tell you once before, my background is such that it seems to have given me a singular understanding of the Second Amendment and that is to know that its main thrust is not freedom, but Sovereignty. Sovereignty, Mr. Heston, does not present a complex issue. It simply appears that way, because years of expunging sovereignty from the American peoples' consciousness has left them bereft of their ability to relate to it.

  I am convinced that you, as president of the NRA, as famous movie star, and as an exquisite and potent orator, under the auspices of the Almighty, can be instrumental in reacquainting the American people with this their Constitutional heritage. For that purpose I have attached a copy of my next speech which I am scheduled to give before a local assembly of the "Sons of the American Revolution." There I seek to reveal the true relationship between the Second Amendment, freedom, and sovereignty. There I seek to anatomize sovereignty, explain how it comes into being, therefore, how it can be destroyed, and, finally, how it functions. There I seek to show that, because the Second Amendment is a God-given right, therefore a natural law, no profusion of laws can have an affect on it for after all, how many laws can prevent fire from being hot? There I seek to warn that present methods of contesting gun-control madness not only have not worked, but have brought us to near extinction and that, therefore, something has to change.

  While writing these lines, I heard Rush Limbaugh announce that NRA's popularity has risen immensely. Great! Let us forge the iron while the fire is hot and reintroduce the notion of sovereignty, for without it all this will be short-lived, because this popularity is based on emotions and, therefore, is without foundation. Look at Nazi Germany! No one ever based so much on emotional extremes - her music, literature, convictions, and institutions - and still perished.

  Distilled and refined, the focal point of sovereignty then centers on the definition that "he who allows is the sovereign and he who is allowed is the servant." By that definition I appear to have been generous, when above, I said we are "brought to near extinction," for in reality we are already extinct as a free people. But not everything is lost! The Republic can be restored and government can be forced to operate within Constitutional mandates again! All that needs to be done is to expound, in addition to our Constitutional rights, on sovereignty. It is not enough to simply maintain that we have a Constitutional right to be armed, to hunt, and to defend ourselves, Sovereignty must be at the center of it all. Only then can we begin to hope, otherwise the monster, now so firmly entrenched on our shores and fiendishly camouflaged in the halcyon guise of tranquility and prosperity, will devour us and the only sign that we ever existed will be a question mark on the pages of history. I know!

I remain respectfully,

Dieter H. Dahmen
Body and Soul American



As you may remember it was Charlton Heston's response to Michael Bellesile's 1999 article on his research of Colonial wills which alerted me to fact that no one, including Mr. Heston, knew what the real essence and the true purpose of the Second Amendment were.

  I wrote Heston a letter trying to explicate the relation between the Second Amendment and the peoples' sovereignty to which he replied. But his reply was a typical politician's response and in no wise indicated that he had understood what I had tried to explain. For that reason I sent him a second letter to which he never replied. Attached to my first letter was what I had dubbed "the baby picture of the Monster," i. e. a one page letter I had found in the personal effects of my wife's aunt. (My wife was also born and raised in Nazi-Germany.) Festooned with the usual Nazi buntings, dated June 21, 1938, it was addressed to her husband referring to an incident which had occurred four days earlier . His wife, my father-in-law's sister, had been seen making a purchase in a Jewish hat store located in one of Berlin's suburbs . The letter went on to warn him of the enormous consequences , if he did not control his wife . There is more. The reason I believe it should have a place on your site is that I have noticed a new most virulent strain of anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head in the nation and in the entire world . To address it I have put my next speech/essay "Anatomy of Slavery " on hold and have almost completed my "Anatomy of Hatred." In due time I will send them to you and let you , as always, decide what to do with them. In anticipation let me say this . Anti-Semitism is the most virulent and vitriolic expression of hate and, therefore, unbelievably destructive. Let us keep in mind if it had not been for Haym Salomon, there would be no America today. Haym Salomon was a Jew! Together with Robert Morris he financed America's War for independence .

  Let us also not forget that Boxer , Feinstein , Shumer , and Franks , all Jews, together cannot compare their destructiveness to Kennedy's, who is not a Jew. I appended the two letters, but I cannot attach the Nazi-letter.

Dieter Dahmen
It is for that reason the NCA will soon include a section on the site to discuss and abhor anti-Semitism along with all other racism. ANY one who detests any race, faith, or 'path,' claiming to be a Patriot, a 'Republican,' or supporter of the Bill of Rights, is so far out in left field you would have to pump light to them. It is our goal to educate them in the hopes that they will realize that the opening sentence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..." does not stutter, mumble or contain any caveats about race, religion, or sex. We also abhor abortion for the same reason, it deprives unborn Americans of their right to "LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS." When the section is mounted both these buttons will work:

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