Dear Peter [Mancus]:


Since you were the first whom I addressed, it is to you in particular and to the others in general that I now write and not to them only, but also to those many others to whom I have spoken before. I had hoped you could have found the time to read my other essays, especially my “Anatomy of Freedom”, I sent to you, for then most of what I have to say now would have been muted.

But before I do, since I have spoken this way many times before and been accused of sounding insultive as well as offensive, I must dissuade you from this impression, because using pejorative language is the last thing I wish to do. Permit me then to borrow words from the quintessential orator of all times, Patrick Henry, and borrow them from the opening paragraph of his stirring “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” speech.

That you are all patriots I know and that you know wolves are at our doors is also clear to me, but this is all that is clear to me. No one knows how many. No one knows from where they came, what feeds them, how big they are, and above all if and how they can be killed. Our Nation is facing an awful moment in her glorious history and for me, attuned to the growling of the wolves, it portends nothing less than wearing chains already forged for us.

This is, therefore, no occasion to stand on ceremony and I ask you again to forgive me if I sound harsh, for after all we are talking about the most beautiful country ever - mine.

Apollo, demigod, loved Cassandra, Priam’s daughter, loved her so much that he gave her the gift of speaking the truth. But when she learned that he loved other daughters, she became angry with him and threatened to expose him to be the Lothario that he was, using the very gift he had given her. So he became angry with her. Unable to take back the gift, he rendered it useless by making it so that no one would believe her. The notion of knowing and then speaking the truth, only to be met with total disbelief is known as Cassandra’s plight, a plight of awesome moment indeed. But for all of that her plight compared to mine was only child’s play. All she lost was the coitus of a demigod, while I lost Eden, lost it not because I had sinned, but because others had.

I have been following your cc-membership correspondences these past few weeks and become ever deeper convinced that I am the only American who knows what war is, how government becomes tyrannical, and what the true essence and the real purpose of the Second Amendment are. I am now totally cemented in my conviction that I am the only American, foreign-born at that, who has the key to restoring our Republic. BUT NO ONE BELIEVES!

You all have your own convictions on how to recover our Republic. No two are alike, save for the underlying current of bellicosity, and all are doomed to failure. War, any war, as presently envisioned, since all Constitutional legitimate means have not yet been exhausted, will lead to disaster.



No one understands how government functions, or you would have known that unfettered government is like a helpless slut hopelessly addicted to her drug and you then would not have been shocked at what happened to Senator Dyor, when he recently sought to purchase a firearm. For government’s drug is that most horrible combination of lusts - power lust and crusader lust.

And how did Americans ever develop this imbecilic notion that government, presumably ours, is intrinsically divine, that to be evil, evil must be imposed upon it? Are there signs on our borders forbidding tyranny to enter our shores? Is it not clear that government’s natural proclivity is toward brutality and must, therefore, be placed on a leash? Why are you so surprised, now that you feel this most egregious monster’s hot breath?  Government is on a headlong plunge toward madness, because it has discovered it acquired the power to forbid, acquired it by usurping our sovereignty!

Thus, by some, I am reminded of a dog drowning in his own urine, because he has been trained to urinate against fire hydrants only and these have been removed. Others, a slightly larger group, remind me of a drowning woman who refuses the life ring thrown her, because it is not of her favorite color, but by far the largest constituent evokes for me the picture of a man suffering from MV - Motivational Viscosity.

Motivational Viscosity is a most virulent disease which renders the afflicted unable to change his mind, even when overwhelming evidence poignantly demonstrates that he should. Picture a man sitting on a chair that interrupts a large circle of huge, multi-tonned, concrete dominos. He has just pushed the one to his immediate right and it is now only a question of time until the tumbling megaliths topple the one to his immediate left, crushing him. Motivational viscosity has him unable to leave his chair to seek safety and thus escape destruction. And what is bizarre beyond belief here is that he is the last of a very large family all of which suffered from the same malady to their own destruction. But he still believes himself to be an exception, because, unlike his predecessors who faced the circle, he has his back turned to it.

What then are the things you propose to do? The same old truths presented these past forty years? Aren’t forty years of uninterrupted failure sufficient evidence that it is high time for another approach? How challenged can any one be to believe, when finding his hand scorched after having withdrawn it from a flame, that reinserting it into the flame will heal it.

John Wolfgram, if I understood him correctly, wants to expose the immunity with with judges shield themselves from the rapacious consequences of their judicial decisions. How? How can you educate a people whose average IQ hovers near freezing and is further repressed by colossal arrogance?  How can you teach anything to anyone who thinks Florida is a shrub and Chicago a planet? Arrogance renders anyone incapable of learning anything, because humility is the basis for all learning. This people now responds to one thing only - emotional glitches, terror on the one hand and ecstasy on the other.

We are dealing with a monster here that is not swayed much less constricted by our Constitution! How can anyone be so naive to think that truth or facts will slay it? I am reminded of two ants in queue, the one in front carrying a raised club, who, having crawled up an elephant’s hind leg and just having crossed his back, are now cautiously approaching the monster’s skull from behind. The one in back encourages his friend in front thusly: “Go slay him, Anton, slay him dead.” So it is with every anti gun-control advocate in the Nation - trying to slay a Godzilla with a straw.

Can anyone understand my plight?

I know what must be done! I can replace the fire hydrants. I have the lady’s favorite color life ring. I can prevent the dominoes from tumbling. I know how many wolves there are. I know how big they are. I know whence they came.

I know what sustains them, and I know whether they can be killed.

There are two: an alpha female, socialism, and her first born, murder, also a female. They are huge. Ignorance is what sustains them and arrogance is their feeding trough. They came, not from across our borders, but from the hearts of our own people, and they cannot be killed for they are immortal.

But they can be kenneled.

What is it then that we must do? Let us begin by recognizing that Americans come in two versions - those on our side of the Second Amendment, some 80 million, and those on the other side of the Second Amendment, some 200 million. Both have one thing in common - Constitutionally limited sovereignty!

Sovereignty can be inculcated by exploiting the tendency to respond to emotional glitches, terror for those on our side and ecstasy for those on the other side and there, based on personal observation, I believe the ladies of our land to give the greatest promise of seeing the light.

Let us understand then that the Founders had instituted a form of government here, where the people should never ever under any circumstance have any need to go to government in search of permission for ANYTHING, that instead it should be they who would give permission to government! The prerogative to give permission and, therefore, also to invoke prohibition then reflects the essence of sovereignty and on these shores that glorious provision belongs to the people. (The rightful jurisdiction to tell a male dominated government what to do and what not to do ought to give the greatest occasion for ecstasy to our ladies.)

Let us further remember that the Second Amendment is God-given and that it is this fact which has conferred the status of a SOVEREIGN on us, the people. We must also be clear on the fact that our freedoms come not from the Second Amendment, but from our being sovereign! Let us further understand that freedom is not equivalent to permission nor that safety is its essence, but that freedom is the unencumbered expression of intent - a condition in a society where the individual does not need his neighbor’s nor his government’s permission in order to act on his decision.

In some way, in some form these truths must be promulgated. Bumper stickers, posters, flyers, ads in magazines and newspapers, all these promise success.

And of even greater promise would be if successful radio talk show hosts could be approached to make Constitutionally limited sovereignty a focal point of their discussions.

Let me make one final point. Sovereignty is our only hope. If the people reject it, oblivion will be our destiny, for then open conflict will be upon us. And there only two outcomes are possible and both will carry the same result. If we lose, which is right now almost certain, we will have to wear our chains, and if we win, we will have hyenas at our doors instead of wolves and the difference then will be the same. In either case America will be remembered only by someone’s “DE BELLO AMERICANO.”

In conclusion then let me ask you again to read my essays. Should they have become lost, I have reattached them for your convenience. Please reread them in the order I have appended them and then feel free to talk with me about anything that appears obscure. It will help me to find that all-illusive Sesame word that would open eyes. The other side has a Sesame word - it is DEMOCRACY. I would also like to meet with all of you somewhere, some day soon, if it can be arranged.


In patriotism,









Dieter H. Dahmen