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Dieter Dahmen is a Christian. In this treatise he uses sound exegetical foundation to outline and deplore the hatred of a race. The founder of this era of the NCA is not a Christian, but takes pleasure in presenting the treatise. The point of the matter is that there are few faiths on this planet that do not have serious issues with the dark side of the creation and varying names and attributes to describe the force, so Dahmen's exposition is only unique to the matter by the proper nouns and Biblical history used to describe the force.

It is at this point that I, C. Joyce II, would like to say:

Anyone who hates any man for any reason
be it the color of his skin or his faith
is at emnity with the Creator because that
person is blaspheming the Creation!!

[I know a number of people have already sworn off this organization because of our stand, and as far as we are concerned, you are enemies of the Bill of Rights, because you deny that "All men are created equal." Do us all a favor if you would. The next time there comes a Nazi Germany go there. In fact, go to Arabia. Go to Iran or Iraq. We do not need your ilk in this nation founded in such a fashion as to make it possible for man to worship or NOT worship as it pleases him, regardless of his color!]

Anatomy of Hatred

“And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him who curses you…” Genesis 12:3

"...but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat of it dying you will die." Genesis 2:17

But Adam did eat and his disobedience plunged mankind into darkness that has lasted to this day. And darkness breeds malignancies constrained only by man's imagination. But one is of such horrific dimension that virtually no words, no matter how skillfully employed, can do justice to its virulence. It destroyed individuals, entire groups, and even nations, but in spite of such destructiveness almost no one ever seems to have learned from it.

For the last nearly 3500 years it has haunted the institutions of man and left nothing but mayhem in its wake. One generation after another, of whatever ethnic origin, is drawn into this maelstrom of corruption, feeding on the lunacy of the preceding generation, exacerbating its madness without showing the remotest sign of relenting. It comes in many versions, displays, expressions, and some even in benevolent apologies. Trust them not, do not believe them, for they all have one thing in common: an incredibly virulent, absurd, and destructive hatred. It is anti-Semitism, hatred for the Jew, hatred for the apple of God's eye.

Unlike racial discrimination, which is based on the absurd belief of racial superiority, anti-Semitism is based on jealousy - the most crippling and debilitating aspect of the mind and yet it is the very backbone of this madness.

Who then is it that sponsors and promotes this sickness, and why? It is none other than his majesty the Prince of Darkness! And why? Because his very existence as a free agent depends on it!

For those of you whose hearts begin to palpitate at the mentioning of the word "God", fasten your seatbelts, we are going for a bumpy ride. I make no apologies for having to make this trip into pre-Adamic history, but it is necessary in order to focus on all the implications of this most insidious of all hatreds. To appreciate its obscenity you must understand the cause and implication of sin and hence the reason for the virgin birth. But before you faint, let me assure you this is not going to be a homily, no fire and brimstone here, just a plain appeal to the written Word. No one is exempt from verifying it for himself.

Earth had been where God had placed His throne room and Lucifer, son of the morning, the mightiest angel of all, had been granted the glorious privilege to guard it - not against enemies, but to insure that proper protocol be observed. With it came rulership over the earth. So tell the Scriptures, but they are silent on what, if anything, he did that made him think he was greater than God and, therefore, that it should rightfully be he who ought to rule the universe.

I think I know and claim authorship for it only to hold God exculpable for any error. I believe he, through DNA-manipulation, converted some of the dinosaurs, then roaming the earth, from herbivore to carnivore and in so doing injected into God's creation death by the shedding of blood. This for him represented a significant alteration of Divine design intent and something only he could do and it propelled him into the madness that spawned upheaval in the entire universe. But the shedding of blood would restore it.

On yet another occasion he, again through DNA-manipulation, succeeded to impart a modicum of intelligence to some of the hominids, all probably living in caves. But troglodytes they were and troglodytes they remained. Analphabetist they also were and analphabetists they also remained. It was they who gave us cave paintings. If anyone were ever to take only a casual look, he would see a remarkable feature all these paintings have in common - no depth perception. Profile reflection only is their contribution to the fairy tale for those sycophants who in them seek to find the debut of the human species.

But after each attempt to remold God’s creation, the universe perished in a violent, convulsive conflagration that involved the whole earth, as well as the entire solar system. North and south poles inverted, east became west and west became east. As here, so in all his subsequent failures, the earth was redone. Radiation, a natural consort of conflagrations, destroyed old species, created new ones, metamorphosed others, and did so in an instant.

I do not know how many times he tried, but I do know he failed each time – each a coup de tat that brought him ever deeper into perdition. Only his last failure before the creation of man is recorded in the Scriptures, where the earth was covered with ice and "darkness was upon the face of the deep," before God, in six days, restored it, resting on the seventh. Thus it was his attempt to impart knowledge to an apelike creature, which occasioned a new heaven and a new earth into being. Self-consciousness had become an issue. Self-consciousness is the exponent of free will and free will had been the gift that permitted him to know who he was, what he was, and what he had - and he had abused it.

He was arrested, arraigned, tried, found guilty, convicted, and sentenced to the lake of fire, created for him and for the angels who had sided with him. He appealed his sentence pleading innocent by reason of predetermination. For after all, was God not omniscient? That was true. Therefore, He must have foreknown he would seek to overthrow the universe. That was also true. And if that was true, it must have been with His tacit approval, thus, if true, bestowing upon God the virulence of complicity. But that was not true. Free will had been impugned, for he had used it to choose rebellion knowing fully well what the implications were. Nevertheless the appeal was granted. And so it was that Lucifer, son of the morning, became Satan, the defense attorney.

Adam was to be God’s witness – a vessel for self-consciousness. Self-consciousness was Their very image in which God created man and free will, the consummation of self, became the courtroom, where God would prove His glory. Thus Adam became God’s focal point for resolving the angelic conflict, by demonstrating sole culpability for one's actions, and then became Satan’s focal point for trying to disprove it. Yes, Adam had free will and it was clearly proved by prohibition, prohibition not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good even evil.

Ishah the woman, made to be his helpmeet, was the weak link. Having realized she had no authority, she had become disgruntled, disappointed, and disenchanted. Eden had lost some of its charm for her and it rendered her vulnerable to the serpent's guile. In Adam’s absence, Satan convinced her that eating of the forbidden fruit would make her as great as God. And so she did eat, because, so went her reasoning, how could anyone give instructions to another of equal potency? Power would give her opportunity to improve on God’s design. The etymology of the Hebrew language used here makes clear that she lusted for her husband’s authority. Imagine this! Power lust and crusader lust combined - nascent in the garden even before the fall. And then the arrogance to presume that God had not done well. She would have made a good senator from New York indeed!

But why the woman first? She had been made a helpmeet and been instructed to obey. Had he successfully attacked Adam first, she could rightfully have claimed exemption from divine prosecution had she obeyed Adam’s command to eat. And that would not have secured victory for him. So he waited till she was alone and then engaged her in the most devastating conversation ever.

When Adam returned and saw what the woman had done, he chose her, not God, for he also ate, when she offered him the fruit to eat. And so it was that ishah, the woman, because she had been deceived, became Eve, the child bearer and Adam, the creature, because he had not been deceived, became Adam the procreator, the progenitor that plunged mankind into sin. Thus it was Adam, and Adam alone, who bestowed on every member of the human race, who has a human father, the imprimatur of sin.

With his fall Adam lost rulership over the woman and the earth and Satan, who through his fall had lost rulership over the earth to Adam, regained it. However, when Adam accepted God’s redemption offer, he regained rulership over the woman, but rulership over the earth remained lost to him forever. That Satan kept and so became the god of this world.

And what had been the redemption offer? When Adam realized the awesome thing he had wrought, he sought to make amends with fig leaves. But God took these and replaced them with coats of skin, signifying that man’s merits were forever inadequate to assuage the consequences of his disobedience, that only God could, and would accomplish it through the shedding of blood. God Himself would have to die – die a substitute for every member of the human race, without exception. But how can God die, seeing He is eternal and omnipresent? To die you cannot be omnipresent, you have to be reducible to a geographic point and you also cannot be eternal, you must be finite. Thus it would be necessary that in addition to His Divine nature God acquire a human nature also.

But that raises yet another question. What sort of Man would His nature be, seeing that Adam’s fall bequeathed the sobriquet of sinner on his progeny? Job gives us the answer, when he asked: “How can a man, born of a woman, be God?” When he has no human father! For this had been God’s promise, when He prophesied the seed of the woman would crush Satan’s head. Seed of the woman! A woman has no seed and so it was Satan’s warning sign to him for what awaited him some day. He understood there would be a Redeemer, God in human form, a Man free of sin, because He would have no human father - the seed of the woman.

Thus it was that Satan, god of this world, without abating his warfare in heaven, stepped into time and began to attack the human race. Only two, his first and one other that spanned the entire pre-diluvial era, are detailed in the Scriptures. He persuaded Cain to slay his brother Abel, whom he suspected to be the one through whom the seed of the woman would come to threaten him. He failed! God replaced Abel with Seth. His last attempt reached crescendo in the 120 years before the flood. Having organized and structured the fallen host like an army, he had retained a segment of them for the purpose of dehumanizing the human race by coitus: the sons of God, fallen angels, going in unto the daughters of men. A most ingenious plan had it succeeded, for it would have made the virgin birth impossible, if true human blood had no longer existed. If anyone would want a glimpse of what happened here, just read the Greek legends, all phylogenetic remembrances of cosmological events, but replace the word “god” with the phrase “fallen angel”. The flood ended it and destroyed, do the math, nearly 30 billion creatures, all with angelic blood in their veins. Only eight, Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives, the only true members of the human race left, escaped to restart it all.

No attacks on the ark are recorded, only an attack on Noah after the flood had dissipated. He persuaded Ham, the burnt one, Noah’s second son, to have Canaan, one of Ham’s four sons, enter into an act of sodomy with Noah his grandfather in order to force Noah to transfer primogeniture to him, Ham. As with all his failures, before and after, a new era had begun. Now for the first time nations came into being and the death penalty was instituted for egregious and flagitious acts. A new world now was - a new world order based on nationalism, not internationalism.

He soon realized Shem, Noah’s oldest son, would be the line to watch. The Scriptures do not begin to record Satan’s vileness until Abram, father of high and windy places, obeyed God and left Ur, the city of the Caldees. There is no need here to elaborate on his continued commitment to perfidy, his attacks against Abram until Abram became Abraham, father of many nations. Always a step behind, he was always in pursuit of the wrong vessel. It was not Ishmael, son of the bondwoman, but Isaac, son of the free woman. It was not Esau, but Jacob, the cheater and Esau’s twin, whom God would later call Israel. It was not Reuben, Jacob’s oldest son, but Judah, Jacob’s forth son, David’s progenitor, David who, ten generation later, would establish the throne of Israel.

Having realized that David’s loins would bring him face to face with his adversary, the seed of the woman that would crush his head, David became the focus of his attack. He sought to destroy the entire Davidic line, but did not succeed - he almost did, but not quite.

Jehoiachin, or Coniah, Judah’s last ruling king in the normal, direct line of David, had violated, at Satan’s urging, his oath of loyalty to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, for which infraction he was carried to Babylon, where he spent nearly 31 years in prison and suffered the curse that pronounced him ineligible to be progenitor for the seed of the woman. How could this curse be reconciled with the promise that the Messiah be David’s greater Son? Mary, the virgin, was descended from Nathan, David’s youngest son with Bathsheba, and Joseph from Solomon, David’s oldest son with Bathsheba. But Joseph, heir to David’s throne, was only the legal father of Christ’s Humanity and thus the virgin birth fulfilled the Coniah curse, while keeping the promise that the Messiah would be heir to David’s throne.

And so it was that the son of perdition met the Son of Glory, the seed of the woman, in the wilderness to offer Him the kingdoms of the world, a legitimate offer, since they were his to offer. It was not a bribe to obtain mercy, because he had rendered himself exempt from mercy and above all had even claimed not to be in need of mercy, when he rebelled in plain sight of God’s throne. It was an attempt here to seduce the Humanity of Christ to reject His deity, while the other two temptations were designed to seek assistance from His Deity. Had he succeeded, there would have been no salvation and mankind would have remained forever lost. Imagine this! The colossal arrogance of this creature to presume supremacy over his Creator! A criminal caught in the act, impugning his victim’s right to keep what is rightfully his.

Here we must digress a moment. Many have sought to convince me that Christ was not a Jew, but a Hebrew. There is no difference! Anyone with the genes of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is a Jew. Where is the stumbling stone for comprehending this? I do not know how anyone can allow for this most absurd of claims. Any IQ above zero is more than adequate to disallow such lunacy, but the Satan sponsored hatred for Israel’s seed apparently will always allow for it.

Christ’s crucifixion was a most precisely described prophesied event. All he needed to accomplish was to alter only one of the elements defined and he would have succeeded in gaining rulership of the cosmos. He enlisted Judas to betray Christ to the temple guards, which, so went apparently his reasoning, should then have led to Christ’s being stoned. But he failed and thus revealed his utter ineptness. Having failed again, his unmitigated rage is now directed against Abraham’s entire seed. He seeks to gather them all in one place in order to destroy them there so that God cannot fulfill His promises to them. Can you see this creature’s unlimited rage? Again I do not know whether he wants it so or whether the stupidity of man makes it so that this rage finds expression in such outrageous, lunatic, egregious, and imbecilic bizarreries, some so grotesquely obscene that I cannot force myself to bring them to paper. How can anyone be so preposterous as to lend credence to such monstrosities?

As mentioned some seek to make a distinction between a Hebrew and a Jew, a word that derives from Judah, Jacob’s forth son, great-grandson of Abraham. Abraham, thus in anticipation of the word, became the first Jew, when he was circumcised at age 99 and a Hebrew, when nearly 25 years before at age 75 he crossed the river to enter the Promised Land

The vileness of the attacks on God’s people truly knows no bounds. All maladies, all ills of mankind, everything vicious, corrupt, and destructive are laid at Israel’s feet. Some so outrageous that it scarcely can be comprehended. And it is now rearing its ugly head here on these once golden shores also.

At one time the Rothschilds, the Schiffs, and the Warburgs, as well as others, were the scapegoats on which the world consummated its hatred for the Jew. Why? What had any of these ever done? None was corrupt! None ever stole! None was ever unfair! They were in the money business, the only business a hating world had allowed them. They had money and they lent it for a fee as everyone in the world, especially in America, has a right to do. Now, however, there seems an ever so slight lessening of attacking this part of Jewry, because it has become difficult to sustain this madness in light of corporate corruption, e.g. Enron, Arthur Anderson, Global Crossing, WorldCom, and undoubtedly many others, where new words have to be coined to do justice to true corruption and theft.

A new focus seeks to replace the old one now: Jews and the news media. A new madness has the Jews in Israel not be true Jews. Putatively from some region near Mongolia, Ashkenazi is supposedly their true ethnicity. Fake Jews as it were and the Jew-dominated news media’s sole purpose is to keep it hidden. Think! To what benefit? Just to have six million of your people perish in gas ovens and in other pogroms too numerous to count? To have all your people, for nearly 3500 years, be subject to hatred without limits? To live in daily anticipation of suicide bombings? Again, where is the benefit in this? Being a natural paranoid, I believe it not to be a coincidence that the last two syllables in Ashkenazi are the same as the first two in the German word for “national,” i.e. NAZI – a subliminal means to sustain Nazi madness. Is anyone really expected to believe this vitriol? The Nazis, professional Jew haters, did not know and the entire Arab world, apoplectic with hatred toward Israel, is also ignorant of this allegation and the Arabic news media is not dominated by Jews at all, not even one bit.

Some have sought to have me share their madness pointing out that Boxer, Feinstein, Shumer, and Franks, the sodomite, are Jews. So they are. What of it? Even together they pale into insignificance, when compared to Kennedy, not a Jew, or to William Jefferson Clinton, a true Christian. Yes, you heard right, the fellationist is heaven-bound. Just about now I would think some, hopefully everyone, would realize that if a man like Clinton finds no stop sign at heaven’s entrance, that conduct could not possibly be the segregator which determines eternal destinies for mankind. It is beyond comprehension how some people try to justify their hatred for the Jew and even seek to enlist others into their virulence. Sometimes, when I reflect on Nazi madness, I conclude that not everything was without merit. It would have allowed for collecting these creatures, these purveyors of insanity, and volunteer them for unspecified medical experimentations.

Let us then come to understand that Satan’s claim to rule the universe and his eternal existence depend on purging the world of all Jews and he has placed no limits on seeking to accomplish it. It is he who has laid to Israel’s charge all that is vile and destructive, especially national destruction. And what I find incomprehensibly sickening is that Christians, true Christians even, are very often found spearheading Satan’s madness.

And now let us focus on the greatness and the incredible uniqueness of this people. I do not subscribe to the notion of a super race. But if I did, I would most assuredly give first vote to the Jew. Can anyone point out to me one domain in which Abraham’s seed did not excel, and because of which the whole world did not come to incomparable blessing? What about those many brave supporters of the Second Amendment, who by far outnumber those who try to destroy it? And what about those legions, who, because of the Jew, came to know the Redeemer? Frederick the Great once challenged his court chaplain to prove to him in one sentence that there was a God. “I can do it in one word,” was his reply. In the German, because syntax allows for anarthrous nouns, it can easily be done, but in the English you must use the direct article. Thus the word was “Jude” - the Jew. It transferred Frederick from death to life, from darkness to light, for he came to see the Light.

And what of Haym Salomon, who together with Robert Morris financed, without interest, George Washington’s army? Without Haym Salomon all of Washington’s battles and his victories would not have been! Without Haym Salomon there would never even have been an America!

Haym Salomon was a Jew and, I believe, so was Robert Morris!

Whom then do we blame for the horrible condition in our land? Who bears the responsibility for the awesome moment facing our Nation? Someone obviously is at fault! And again the Scriptures are not silent. “If My people, which are called by My Name, would only humble themselves and look to heaven to seek My face… then I would hear from heaven and I would restore their Nation.” And in another place, “See to it that you keep your garments, lest you become naked and the world see your shame,” an old Roman military court-martial practice, where the captain of the guards, having posted his guards, would check on them and finding one asleep, would touch his torch to the sleeping soldier’s tunic, setting him aflame. I do not know how many survived such an ordeal, probably most, but either way they had lost their garments, had become naked and everybody knew why; the bastard had fallen asleep, while standing guard.

And that is America’s dilemma: naked Christians - Christians who lost their garments. This does not exonerate the others. No one is innocent! Christians just bear the responsibility, for it is they who are to stand guard! I, therefore, most urgently implore everyone, leave Israel alone. If there is a problem, God can handle it, He does not need our help. What little hope we have to restore our Republic will surely vanish, if we permit ourselves to succumb to the madness of anti-Semitism. It will accomplish nothing, except self-destruction. The pages of history are flooded with evidence that God will have none of it. Yet Satan’s ranks are forever swelling with those willing to raise the sword against God’s chosen. It is simply amazing what self-imposed blindness can achieve. No one, and I know of no exception, has ever survived it. Just like no one, also without exception, especially America (ns), ever had reason to regret having offered safe haven to the Jew.

Almost continuously, from the day He freed him from Egypt’s yoke, Israel angered God. Once He would have destroyed all Israel and made of Moses a new beginning. But Moses declined, showing his greatness. Once He removed Israel from the land He had promised him and allowed him to return only to expel him yet a second time. And that too will end - when He will whistle for all Israel to regather them all in the land He had promised Abraham. So for all that God has never abandoned Israel. I, therefore, most earnestly plead with you, do not permit yourselves to be drawn into this cauldron of madness.

Respect God - the Founding Fathers did - and you cannot help but respect whom He loves and He loves Israel, His prince.

Dieter H. Dahmen
Body and Soul American

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