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Here Come The Feds

Dieter H. Dahmen

December, 2003

Hello again:

Two days ago I sent you my missive "The Feds are coming". In rereading it I noticed I needed to make some corrections. Rather than just sending the correction and because I also decided to send it to the North Caucus, I opted for resending the entire missive.

I apologize!

By now everyone has heard of Silveira's fate. Some, hopefully all, of you in the Caucus will remember that I explained, when Silveira was presented to the Court, why it would suffer the same fate Don Bird's and Don Hamrick's attempt before that court had suffered.

It is not that I am clairvoyant, believe me I am not, it is just that I know what a democracy is and what a democracy does and I will forever remain mystified why so many of you natives cannot see it and why some of you even remain implacably infatuated with this the most damnable word ever. For the better part of four years I tried and only a handful has learned.

What then is it a democracy does? Lions do lion things, tigers do tiger things, dogs do dog things, and a democracy does democracy things, every part of it does. It causes and/or exacerbates depression, alcoholism, murder, mayhem, destruction, road rage, callousness, disrespect, theft, sexual perversions of all kinds, cuddles criminals, makes crime profitable, in short, a democracy nurtures and breeds every conceivable pathogen designed to convulse life and, above all, a democracy steals liberties. It has no choice. That is what it is designed to do and it does it well, all under cover of compassion.

Perhaps now at last we will have learned that standing on street corners shouting "the Feds are coming" and singing to choir will not stop anything, will only bring destruction.

Silveira, while masterfully written, harbored a major, major, major flaw. It sought to argue on the Constitutional rule of law. But we now live in a fully entrenched democracy and a democracy cannot function in accordance with Constitutional rule of law, could not even if it wanted to. You would have better luck dissuading a razor back from mating during the mating season than persuading a democracy to respect Constitutional rule of law.

You see a democracy is at enmity with its people and, therefore, in constant fear of losing its power. Being the lesser of the two, it cannot have authority, it can only have power, power usurped. The only law a democracy can apply then is the one which will secure the power it has. Therefore, a democracy cannot allow for an armed people. However, keeping and bearing arms, as such, is not the means with which to keep government at bay. But when perceived as having been granted by God, the keeping and bearing of arms transcends the definition of means and instead translates into authority. If it were granted by man, as it is in Switzerland for example, keeping and bearing of arms would only be a permission. It would never exert the citizen's authority and would instead only exert government's power.

This simple fact, if properly understood, should make it poignantly clear why the Supreme Court rejected Silveira, but agreed to give that perverse Californian an opportunity to argue before it why the phrase "Under God" and "In God We Trust" should be removed from the pledge of allegiance and from our coins, respectively.

For the fools among you, know this: God is not irrelevant. The enemies of freedom know this. Why do you not know? Why else would they so desperately try to remove any vestige of Him? He, Christ, is the foundation of the Great Republic! Remove the foundation and the house will collapse. And that is, in simple words, what has happened to us. Christ is your Friend. He is the Author of Liberty, the Author of the Second Amendment. He wants and will help, free of charge. All He wants is to be called a Friend. For heaven's sake, hear what He has to say, unless your next address, Stalag 18, poses no difficulties for you. But let me give you a tip anyway: try for the top bunk, Zyclon-B is heavier than air.

In the Great Republic the people determined the rule of law and in a democracy government, master of the people, determines the rule of law. In the former, rule of law is Constitutional in the latter, rule of law is institutional. In the former the spirit of the law ruled in the latter the letter of the law rules and the letter is become corrupt by the rule of euphemisms. By that rule permission is come to be the same as freedom and democracy to be the same as the Republic.

And now my missive of two days ago.

Hello all:

It is time we begin to fully understand that our Nation is dead or near death! Unless!

I have been following your social intercourse for some time now and noticed that your attitude toward the Nation's dilemma does not reflect the same intensity as here in California. For me it is both, saddening and uplifting.

Saddening, because freedom's enemy feels unhindered, unobserved, and, under cover of darkness, free to install the very mechanism that will ensure his success and our undoing. It is not that he hates freedom, no, it is just that he is certain the goodness he wishes to bestow upon us is truly for our blessing and only he can assure it, because he knows himself to be an avatar. To think of himself as evil is too far beyond his vision to represent possibility. Like Hitler, who was devastated to learn he was thought a monster, he is relentless in "securing" blessing for the Nation. And all those who arbitrate our justice are prompted in the same manner. It would help us to keep that in mind, because it prevents our becoming polarized.

Uplifting, because it demonstrates the power of popular resolve to be an effective barrier against governmental intrusion into our personal lives. And to increase, strengthen, and propagate popular resolve in the Nation is the only way of not only stemming our destruction, but also of reversing it.

But to accomplish that we need to realize how we came to lose so much. We, the American people, permitted, in a moment of great carelessness, to have the American Republic, the only true Republic ever, to be replaced with our current form of government, the American democracy. The two are not the same, are in fact opposites. The reason some people appear infatuated with the notion of democracy is because in our case the Bill of Rights, the light of the Republic, has remained embedded in our democracy.

The Bill of Rights assures individual liberty; a democracy, any democracy, because it is based on socialism, assures nothing. It only promises to provide the maximum good for the greatest number of people and, therefore, is at enmity with the provisions of the Bill of Rights. But it has inveigled people to make a distinction between the beginning of entrenched socialism as democracy and its end as tyranny. It is an unfortunate and horribly misguided distinction. It is like confusing the kitten stage of a lion with its adult stage. You can play with a lion kitten for a while, but there comes a time, when that is not recommended anymore. As long as it depends on its mother's milk, it is fine. But sooner or later, mostly sooner, it will begin to eat meat and if you are reckless the meat will, not might, be yours. A democracy is the same way. Its cuddly beginning is no guarantee of benevolence at all. Never forget, all things in life have a natural ending, unique to it, and often it is necessary to wait before the result can determine whether it was good or bad.

I have taken the liberty to add a picture of the Nazi democracy, while still in its infancy, however, already having begun to show its fangs.

I found it in my wife's aunt's personal papers. It was addressed to her husband, Mr. Kerler, a city official of Friedenau, a suburb of Berlin. Please note the letter is dated June 21, 1938 and alludes to an incident four days prior. Freely translated, it reads as follows:

The local group has through several witnesses indisputably (been able to) determine[d] that your spouse on the 17th of June of this year, in the afternoon did make purchases in the Jewish hat store Mohnblatt, (located in) Friedenau, Mainstreet 80.

He who buys from the Jew betrays his people

The local group alerts you to the (enormous) consequences and gives you a most severe warning.

Heil Hitler

Local group Wieland of the NSDAP

signed: Bauer, local group leader i.v.

The only "benefit" I have ever been able to discover here is that an entire nation responded within four days. (I worked for the State of California, where writing a letter from one Section Chief to another could take months.) Only fourteen months later, on September 1st, 1939, the monster was fully fledged and off and running. My point: this is what democracies do, they all do it, there are no exceptions! And if we do not wake up, this will soon be our fate also!

What then must we do? And to discover that, we must look at what we have done so far. Gun control madness afflicted the Nation in the early 60s, give or take a year or two. From the very beginning, patriots have known and rallied to the Nation's defense.

But how? With few exceptions, almost everyone was and still is seemingly convinced alerting one another of government's intrusion into our personal lives and defining its method of destruction is all that needs to be done and, these last nearly forty years, has remained satisfied to just shout: "The Feds are coming, the Feds are coming, the Feds are coming!"

While that is absolutely essential - ancient Rome was once saved, when geese alerted the guards the enemy was climbing the ramparts in the rear - I must, however, ask: "It is not clear that this did not stop the Feds from coming?" Are we not now in the abyss, near destruction as a free people? Does this, therefore, not make clear that whatever we shout must be expanded to allow for reintroducing our fellow Americans to their Constitutional heritage of being master of their governments as a natural consequence of the Second Amendment.

It will regenerate, in the entire Nation, the popular resolve so clearly visible in your State. Short of open conflict it is our only hope to recover our cherished liberties. Make no mistake about it, the anti-gunners have targeted your State. Their procedure is to infiltrate the large cities first and branch out from there. New Mexico is next and then Texas. After that they will concentrate on Nevada, then Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, in that order. All the laws necessary to crush liberties and resistance are in place. Only popular resolve forms an abatis. But in time this too will crumble, if singing to the choir is all that is done.

Trust me, destruction happens quicker than anyone can imagine. When I came to these golden shores, now a little over fifty years ago, the Nation was still vigorous, even though the Republic had already been mortally wounded. The people were still sovereign, but all that passed within ten years and these last forty years have only served to entrench the madness which now threatens to overwhelm the Nation.

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I think it would be helpful to view socialism as what it really is, a religion which, under cover of compassion, inveigles its votives into believing heaven can be secured by helping old ladies across the street, that is by good works. Nothing could be further from the truth than this. But it is this sickening conviction that leaves these monsters firmly convinced destroying guns will stop crime and war. Stopping crime and war will, therefore, bring peace. God loves peace and loves those who stop crime and war and these, if there is a God at all, will rule on the sunny side of heaven for ever. You cannot reason with a mind infected with a virulent pathogen like this. You can only neutralize it at best, but, in all probability, you will have to destroy it.

There is also an appeal to heaven that must be made, but not to worry. I and perhaps some others will make it, I know the owner.

We should also never lose sight of the fact relying on the rule of law is and can no longer be effective. We are after all now living in a firmly entrenched democracy and a democracy, because of socialism which is legalized plunder, can never represent justice and thus will use whatever legal methods are available, but only for its own defense, never for the citizen's. The very law, once designed to secure our liberties, has now been usurped to secure government's powers. You would have better luck surviving drinking a gallon of arsenic than persuading government to abdicate and to return its power to the American people to whom it rightfully belongs.

There is another approach which might promise success, or at least some degree of success. Don Bird, a friend and fellow patriot, sought his remedies relating to his Second Amendment rights by going all the way to the US Supreme Court, only to be refused after having received a docket number. Discouraged at one time, he had given up. But he has now reentered the ring seeking another approach, an approach, as I said, that has promise. You can read about the details in the other attachment.

Those among you who see the need and wish to go beyond singing to the choir, those who want to reinstill in our fellow Americans the splendor of being a sovereign citizen, need to know what the American Republic was all about, how it came to be and what it was to accomplish. You also need to know what a democracy, especially the American democracy is, why it is the most virulent of all democracies, but the most difficult to expose and above all you need to know what being sovereign means, how it was installed and why.

To that end I urge you to visit the North Caucus web page, where, under the "Sovereignty" icon, my speeches and essays are posted.

Here I think an explanation is needed. If I sound all-knowing, I am not nor is that my intention. My coming to know things American has a rather unique beginning. This plus my exposure to one of the most ferocious forms of democracy have given me an understanding which those who have never been exposed to it cannot perceive. It should be logical that he who once was cold is better equipped to know what cold is than he who just seeks to avoid it having only been told cold is not good. I hope that our common hope to see America survive and restored can transcend any and all differences of opinions.

Dieter H. Dahmen
Body and Soul American

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