Dieter Dahmen


I enter into this epistolary effort not without fear and trepidation, because I intend this to be a lecture and I do not have the gift of teaching. To have knowledge is one thing, but to demonstrate it to  others is something entirely different. I can bring knowledge to paper, but not to another’s mind. That is why my writings are intended to reveal rather than to teach. So if I seem to miss the mark and appear inadequate, you will  know the reason. However, before I begin this prelection, I want to thank you for your accolades, which I hope were mostly intended to reflect appreciation

for my demonstrating the overpowering significance of sovereignty. Sometimes I  am fortunate and meet someone who understands what I am trying to convey and you appeared to have understood.

In following the communications between all you latter day Sons of Liberty, I could not help notice that some of you are beginning to use the word “Republic” and I believe that also included you. No one, however, elaborated on its definition and only one other made mention of the Founding Fathers’ deep disdain for democracy. I thought it, therefore, appropriate, since some of you appear piqued with interest, that I should discuss the make-up of the only true republic to have ever decorated the pages of human history, because a thorough understanding of all tenets of the American Republic  will be essential in order to understand everything that went wrong with our Nation.

It will explain the obscene contempt of our government now so readily shown us, it will explain why the “weenies” are in control, why conspiracies, why Stalags (STrafArbeitsLAGer, German meaning “forced labor camp”), why the very people, who swore a solemn oath to defend the instrument that allowed them power, do openly impugn the Author of Liberty and in His name destroy the land in which their cradle stood, how freedom in the name of freedom becomes slavery, why we have one crisis after another, and then, above  all, it will show how incredibly crucial our sovereignty is, if we are to have hope to ever recover our land.

There are basically only three different forms of government - monarchy, socialism, and republic. The first two, although different and distinct from one another, have something in common - governmental control over people. But I will forgo discussing monarchy and define only republic and socialism.

But first we should keep in mind that for the Framers many of the elements so crucial for a republic were in place and a given. Regrettably, for us these had became lost and must, therefore, now reflect a significance they then did not have. For instance, the Founders did not call themselves “sovereign”, they called themselves liege. The word liege means to be sovereign, but implies owing allegiance to a feudal overlord, and for them that overlord was justice. This then was the condition that prevailed in their day and gave birth to a form of government, the American Republic, that in all likelihood will never be equaled by any other until God Himself will rule.

Since there was ever only one true republic, the American Republic, I will describe that institution only and let the obvious difference between  it and the pseudo-republics, e.g. SPQR, the Russian, or the Chinese, be self-explanatory.The basic constituent of a republic is that two or more sovereign and autonomous governments conglomerate under the aegis of a central power structure. The distinguishing feature of the American Republic is that its conglomeration was voluntary and the central power structure separate  from it and subservient to it, while all others republics came to exist through conquest. Not only was conquest their congealing force, but the conquering nation also maintained hegemony over the conquered. Former East Germany could possibly be construed to be an exception.

There is one additional constituent endemic to the American Republic only, it is in fact the very essence of its soul. It is the assertion that all, including those vested with the authority to govern, are subject to a  Law Giver beyond man. Him they called the Author of Liberty and anyone,  even with only a cursory look, will discover they meant Christ the Redeemer  and that it was He Who played an intimate part in structuring the American Republic. How anyone is able to overlook this intimacy and then go on  to espouse the ridiculous notion that this Nation’s ascendance to glory, power, and wealth is solely attributable to coincidence is a most profound display of absurdity. What is even more astonishing is the Framers’ equally profound distinction between religion and Christianity, one in favor of  Christianity, for they knew these were two inimical perceptions, not even remotely the same, were indeed opposites. It was this simple recognition that produced a government in chains and levied obedience upon it.

To ensure continued obedience, the Founders made certain that no state  in the American union would ever achieve hegemony over another or, even more important, that the states would always maintain their hegemony over the central government. This they assured by encoding two concepts into the supreme law of the land, which together were to reinforce the states’ supremacy. Both have been destroyed, one completely and the other nearly so. The first is States Rights and the second is our Second Amendment.

It should be obvious, and it was so to the Founders, that each society has two components - people and government. Both, they said, should be represented in that central power structure and either should have the right and the authority to choose those who would represent it there. The  people would choose their representatives and the legislatures theirs, Representatives and Senators, respectively. It was this concept coupled with the insistence that each American had a God-given, not a man-given, right to keep and bear arms, that should have assured eternal longevity of the people’s dominance over their government.

But it did not! In April of 1913, the 17th Amendment disenfranchised  the states of their right to appoint their representatives and election for Senators was committed to public elections. With that insidious mutation States Rights were lost and the ensuing void was filled by the central,  i.e. federal, government. Thus that which once had been designed to be a  servant, became a master.

By the way it was this disastrous disenfranchising the state legislatures of their natural right to appoint their representatives that rendered the Clinton impeachment process impotent. When Andrew Johnson was impeached, Senators were beholden to their respective legislatures, but now they are beholden to the people of each state. Thus the people are involved in  all three phases of the impeachment procedure and the House Managers’ referring to the Senators as jurors instead of judges, even though the impeachment code requires it, was, therefore, correct and Justice Renquist should never have sustained Senator Hawkin’s request to enjoin the managers to call the Senators jurors.

I do not wish to elaborate on how the Civil War laid the foundation for the destruction of States Rights, except to say that it was those Southern swine, democrats to a man, who, in the name of States Rights, however true that was, sought to vindicate slavery. How anyone could ever justify getting high on power that allowed him to demand obedience from another, is beyond me. This very monstrosity, so reflective of democracy, is one of my reasons for not being overly fond of democratic belief. Trust me, this madness is still alive and raging, and was so especially during reconstruction. All opposition to extend equal rights to the Negro via the 14th Amendment came from democrats only and that from those on both sides of the Mason-Dixie line.

The attack and near destruction of the Second Amendment had to wait another fifty years. It was just as simple, swift and certain. We allowed  government to ban, i.e. forbid, something it had no prerogative to do. We granted government the power to forbid. Assault weapons provided the legerdemain. It could have been anything - marbles, sugar, forks and knives - anything, but it was weapons, the jugular of the Second Amendment. Our government has neither power nor rights. It had been granted authority to act and that only in certain areas, where for obvious reasons the people’s consent was not required. For everything else it must acquire that consent. But, because of that one careless moment, we now have a monster on our hands, a monster that had its birthplace in good. Remember he who forbids is the sovereign and he who is forbidden is the slave. Our government is now unchained and an unchained government metamorphoses, it has no choice.

Chains are an essential elements of our republic. Break them and  government is unchained and an unchained government cannot be a republic. What  then can it be? What choice is there then? Only a monarchy or socialism and it obviously cannot be a monarchy.

That brings us to socialism. What then is socialism? Not all that long  ago socialism came in six versions: Nazism, communism, fascism, democracy, liberalism, and the estate of moderates. Nazism is socialism imposed on a single people, communism is socialism imposed on more than one people, fascism is a hybrid of these two, democracy is socialism mixed with altruism, and the remaining two are are slightly modified versions of democracy.

Nazism and fascism are now discarded versions. Communism is slowly disintegrating. But some of their most virulent elements are still  present, present in democracy and that should not surprise us, if we recognize the fact that democracy’s most significant constituent is socialism. And how is it that socialism and altruism so readily amalgamate? Both are predicated on the notion to help others. However, while altruism implies one man helping another, socialism is helping a man but at the expense of another and to implement that makes robbing both of their free will necessary and to secure that it must kill. Socialism then first steals a man’s free will and  then his life. This is the epitaph of democracy, for any amalgamation will assume the characteristics of the worst element from which it acquired its best parts.

He Who is the Foundation of our Republic admonished “not to let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.” Americans then understood it  and so it came to be that giving your neighbor a helping hand was a natural outgrowth of the American character, which demonstrated them to  be a new specie of humans. But a contrived crisis intruded into their lives and converted helping into altruism, turning into a religion what once was the evidence of their greatness. Thus socialism and altruism became complicitous in giving us democracy, where all final authority and responsibility  are vested in man himself.

We then see that of all the versions of socialism, democracy is the most vicious and my attempt to demonstrate the utter helplessness of unchained government in gravitating to this level of unmitigated brutality and total tyranny is not an attempt to diffuse that viciousness, but to show how  deep this form of depravity is, how profound its violence, and how monstrous its imposition on the people and, therefore, the enormous resources required to subdue it. Socialism is a religion. Religion’s predicate is “good”, and “good” is the birthplace of evil.

I sought to show that we need to do more than to alert one another to  the existence of labor camps, rogue police officers, provocateurism,  contempt for the people, etc. All these and all remaining maladies now afflicting our Land will dissipate upon restoring our sovereignty. Without it we cannot succeed. Without it we are only trying to kill a Hydraistic snake by removing pieces from it beginning at the tail and accomplishing nothing more than making it bigger, because it replaces each piece removed with one twice as big as the one taken. Even if we could by any means at all remove every politician from office and replaced him with an angel, but left government unchained, within weeks or months, but certainly not more than past the next election, everything would be as it was before. And government, to be a republic, must be chained and those chains can only be affixed by the  people and that only, if they insist on being liege and in vassalage to

justice only.

In conclusion let me make a final observation. One would have to be  near the fringes of insanity not to see, even with only a perfunctory look, that Americans of today are still afflicted with the same fears and  helplessness imposed upon them at birth. Their average IQ, especially their philosophical IQ, is so terribly regressed that a door stop could easily compete with it. Only one compulsion promotes response - hedonism. Hedonism either toward sex or possession. But they seem to sense something is not the way it ought to be and that has produced a pronounced sense of frustration, which in turn has evoked in them an incredible expression of rage. Road rage, fear of death, school shootings, serial crimes, hate for God, and a host of other cerebral malfunctions, including unbelievable displays of absurdities: saving owls, lizards, flowers, even in places where no one but a  handful of people would ever go.

Restore the euphoria of sovereignty and you will restore the Republic.

Dieter Dahmen