American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS

Home-schooling illegal in California?

[This event happened several years ago, but it,
gives you a hint at just how desperately the collectivists
seek control of all homeschoolers. They go about it just like
they go about constantly finding clever ways to disarm the public.
You needn't let it slow you down. The homeschool system has a
number of alliances and groups that can muster up instant
legal response to these collectivist ploys. CJJ - 2005]

Dear all [NCA}:

"State tells parents they can't teach their own kids without credentials"

The state of California is not really "behind" this. I think you will find that the NEA is behind it. The NEA runs the state legislature, and has, for years. They realize that the Achilles heel of the NWO is the Home-schooler. Home schoolers think for themselves, show tremendous initiative, and are well versed in the patriotism and history of the nation. There are reputedly 1.3 million home-schoolers in the US. That represents a HUGE body of folks who are not dependent upon their tyranny, and could quite possibly be the nucleus of resistance to any massive incursions by the tyranny upon the public. 1.3 million people represents a lot of arms, should these home-schoolers resist the NWO.


California is, as usual, the testing ground, the trial balloon, for these projects. I believe you will see a number of states run to line up behind California in this matter, primarily those states whose populations are painted blue on the voter map from having taken the blue pill (you remember the map, I'm sure).

It would be in the best interest of the nation if the NCA were to include home-schooling as a major issue in order to increase the number of supporters in this nation for pro-BOR and pro-2nd amendment activities.

There were home-schoolers on the "Jeopardy" program recently, and I noticed that the moderator refrained from asking the question after the first time. The media is also very nervous in their presence.

Cornet Joyce II

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