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The Benedict Arnold Award for the year 2001 is awarded to:
Grey Davis, Governor of California

The North Caucus of America has sought to bestow several awards upon Americans, namely a "Lexington Award" for those who gave their lives in the same manner as the Patriots at Lexington and Concord, and a "Benedict Arnold" for the most treasonous appearing behavior on the part of an American Governmental official. Like the infamous "Darwin Awards," there will be more than one "Benedict Arnold" award each year. There will be, as with the "Darwins," several awards with one being designated First Place as the most remarkable, infamous, &c.

With "candidates" like Clinton, Shumer, McCain, Boxer, the Media, Rosie, Jane Fonda, it is difficult to chose. But one occasion assuredly stands out above all others, much like the proverbial "turd in the punch bowl." It is to that person we find our attention drawn for the most notable treasonous appearing behavior of the year: Grey Davis, Governor of California, and his signature on a bill invoking the licensing and testing of hand-gun owners, that is so blatently against the will of the Founding Fathers, and so blatantly favorable to the promotion of a police state. Davis did so in the face of massive public commotion against the act. Like Benedict Arnold, Davis displayed undaunted courage in the face of his adversaries and the majority, regardless of the cost to himself and the nation.

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It is our privilege to share with you a letter to Grey Davis from the California Attorney Peter Mancus, in evidence for the conclusion of the NCA that Governor Davis should receive our loathed, repugnant award, the

Benedict Arnold Award


Peter Mancus

Governor Davis:

Note that I ommitted "Dear". I did so on purpose.

I am a 1968 graduate of the University of California with a BA With Honors in Political Science and a 1971 graduate of the University of California with a Doctors of Jurisprudence. Currently, and for the past 30 years, I have been an active member of the State Bar of California. I am also an ex-Deputy District Attorney criminal prosecutor. My criminal record is 100% squeaky anti-septic clean.

At the risk of being misconstrued, I am a self-made expert on the Second Amendment.

You need to benefit from my unsolicited advice. This is my tough love letter to you. This letter is intended to shake you up, to counter the sweet nothings your flatters whisper in your ear. My aim is to keep you from falling further into grievious error.

I hold every prominent Gun Prohibitionists in extreme contempt. What follows is a conscientious, candid, considerate fair warning. It is my attempt to discharge my function as a responsible citizen to try to keep you from commiting treasonous, statecraft malpractice.

Machiavelli, in the 1500's, wrote The Prince, a classic in statecraft. He said five things that are relevant, and I concur in these five things 100%. These five things are:

  1. When a prince comes to power, if the citizens are already armed, let them keep their arms. If they are not armed, give them arms. Do not be afraid of an armed citizenry. Rejoice that you have an armed citizenry. By letting your citizens have arms, you telegraph that you trust them. By doing so, a certain psychological dynamics kicks in: their arms become your arms, which you can assuredly count upon, to save you and to protect you from domestic and foreign foes. But, if you try to disarm them, or keep them from becoming armed, the people will grow to hate you and your policies.

  2. A people use to liberty will not tolerate being stripped of their liberty. You may attempt to strip them of their liberty, but you will motivate them to hate you and to work diligently, and forever, to regain their liberty, at your expense.

  3. The worse statecraft malpractice a prince can commit is to do anything that would make a significant number, if still only a minority, hate you. This is because when enough people hate you, you and your policies are doomed and nothing can protect you.

  4. Only a prince wise in his own right can appreciate the wisdom of wise men who try to counsel the prince. If the prince is too stupid he will not recognize nor appreciate the wisdom of wise advise.

  5. A prince should be on guard against those who flatter him and tell him only that which he wants to hear. A prince should pay careful attention to an advisor who tells the prince that which he does not want to hear, especially when the advisor knows he risks the prince's wrath by being candid and forceful with the prince. The prince should understand that a dissenter in his ranks who speaks candidly and plainly is probably among the most loyal and trustworthy.

I do not hate prominent Gun Prohibitionists. I do, however, hate their policies. And I will never roll over and acquiesce to a policy I hate or believe is unconstitutional. When pressed, I will use every means at my command to resist, and to defeat, what I perceive to be oppression in contravention of my rights. I will let no one muscle me out of my birthrights as a U.S. citizen. My birthrights are the First Entitlement and the only legitimate "Entitlement." As a citizen willing to endure whatever it takes to sustain individual liberty, I have earned that "Entitlement."

Never act at cross purposes to my will nor my "Entitlement." If you do so, you are a fool.

I experience you as being guillty of treason. This is because you champion victim disarmament laws which are unconstitutional. You have repeatedly violated your oath of office. You continue to give aid and comfort to those who are domestic tyrant wannabees, who know that before they can spring their full agenda openly, they must demonize firearms and their owners so that stupid Sheeple will demand that citizens be disarmed.

The Tyrant's Pattern, historically, has always been this: demonize firearms and their owners; regulate firearms and their owners; register firearms and their owners; ban firearms; confiscate firearms; consolidate power; impose tyranny; impose genocide to eliminate all opposition and further consolidate power.

I wish I had a client with the resources to finance a lawsuit I would love to file, naming you as the defendant, in your official and in your individual capacity. Given appropriate financial backing, I believe the odds are high that I could get a judgment against you in your personal capacity and collect on that judgment. This is not hyperbole. I have studied this carefully.

I also experience you as the prince who is not wise in his own right.

Your latitude to sign into law laws that you believe promote the general welfare is confined by the Bill of Rights. For now, I will spare you the legal brief to support my reasoning-to-result. I stress, however, that I genuinely look forward to discussing these matters with you, in a lengthy deposition, when you are under oath. My questioning would tighten your sphincter hard enough to break nails made of steel.

When I was eighteen years old, I made the decision to rebel, given the right circumstances. My mindset remains the same.

Are you truly clueless as to how many intensely loathe some of your policies and, despite severe provocation, have manifested admirable constraint? Do you realize that people who you do not trust with arms have proven over and over that they are trustworthy?

Do not misconstrue tolerance for cowardice nor lack of resolve.

Given your public pronouncements and your mindset, until you do a 180 degree about face, if you were in serious physical jeapardy in my presence, I would not raise my voice nor my hand to prevent harm to you. I would allow others to kill you and I would then intervence to apprehend them. That is my sanction. This is a reflection of how much you have alienated me. You are 100% callous about my physical well being. You have done everything you can to make it illegal for me to defend myself or my loved ones in a public place with the most effective means--a firearm. I have no duty to come to your rescue. Given these circumstances, while it may be unchristian, I would do nothing to help you even if I knew in advance I could rescue you and emerge unharmed.

Stop wiping your ass with the Bill of Rights. Stop blowing your nose with the U.S. Constitution. Stop urninating on my back and telling me it is only raining.

The tranquility in this state is grossly misleading.The idea that after September 11, 2001 we are a nation "united" is hogwash. We were not a nation united before September 11. We are a nation that is even less united after September 11. To exacerbate matters, you sign into law one more unconstiutional prior restraint victim disarmament law and we will be a state, and a nation, even more severely polarized.

If you sign into law SB-52/AB-35, why do you not also hold a stick a TNT in one hand while lighting it with other? In fact, please do so--literally. I am serious.

We live in interesting times. What you do can make these interesting times dicey.

Keep acting unconstitutionally, and I predict many will manifest a willingness to engage you and civil authority in brinkmanship: to deliberately let things approach getting out of control. I predict this because the status quo is intolerable.

{Ed - See our demand for Civil Disobedience}

The status quo is intolerable because you and many others have exploited a string of tragedies to pass more laws that restrict liberty. By doing so, you have seriously devalued the value of U.S. citizenship. Knock it off! That is an order.I repeat, an "order."

Gun control is putting ten bullets in the same hole. Gun control is people control in the guise of crime control. Gun control as an effective crime fighting policy is one of the biggest damn lies of the past 25 years. Gun control is people control. Gun control is control. Control is control. Control is the antithesis of Liberty.

Liberty is my favorite English word and my favorite concept.

Stop being a control freak.

My order to you is this: stop demonizing firearms and responsible firearm owning U.S. citizens. Stop linking firearms with crime and responsible firearm owners with criminals.

There is a difference between a threat, a prediction and a fair warning.

I want a full restoration of all rights for all law-abiding U.S. citizens every second of every day, the entire enchilada, no compromise, period, and I want this now. I have zero tolerance for unconstitutional prior restraint infringments against rights. I am approaching the limits of my tolerance for defecating taxes to government which government turns into a sword to coerce me into remaining servile while stripping me of my rights.

Have you heard of Rule .308? You will never find Rule .308 in a law book nor a court case decision. Where do you find Rule .308? You find it in history books and in the minds, hearts and chests of Patriots who know what is the real, ultimate purpose of privately owned firearms. That purpose has nothing to do with hunting Bambi nor punching paper. That purpose is: to use firearms as Tyrant Terminator Tools, as Liberty's Teeth, to regain, to restore, to preserve Liberty and the Constitutional Rule of Law.

Rule .308, as you might guess since you are a former-U.S. Marine, refers to the diameter of some this nation's most popular cartridges. An application of Rule .308 is political assassination with a firearm. He who prevails is free to write the history books as to whether the application of Rule .308 was an act of murder or an act of patriotism.

Civil authority in this state [governor, legislators, California Supreme Court, plus the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals] has taken a glove made to fit the right hand off that hand, turned it inside out, and made it fit the left hand. I, and tens of thousands of others, however, see the seams. We know and understand what has been going on and what is going on.

Civil authority, if prudent, would cease and desist and not press its luck nor further test the good will and patience of virulently pissed off armed citizens.

Your sense of being in control is an illusion which is transitory and self-delusional. How many divisions are at your control to enforce your victim disarmament laws?

The modern spiritual heirs of the Minutemen retain the willingness, the ability and the readiness to deliver a well deserved, albeit belated, serious comeuppance. Are you willing to undergo a Lesson in Triggernometry and Con Law 101? When society's institution's fail, and the guards are unleashed against the people, the time has arrived for the unorganized Militia to discharge its legitimate Constitutioinal function: to guard the guards and to remove from office those who issued unconstitutional orders to civil authority's goons, in contravention of the Nuremberg Principle.

I hope it does not come to that. I hope we all die of natural causes after living long, rewarding lives. Increasingly, however, I believe that this is what will happen for many of us: armed conflict to restore rights and the Constitutional rule of law.

How many fronts do you think civil authority can wage at one time--successfully?

If "insanity" is continuing to do what is already a known colossal failure, why do you still champion more victim disarmament laws? Are you a Tyrant Wanabee? Are you a Useful Idiot for a Tyrant Wanabee? Are you a Well Intentioned Fool? Do you have a not-so-hidden agenda? Do you want to help engineer events to scare citizens into surrendering rights and arms in a vain attempt to achieve "security", which will only end up in "tyanny"?

I demand that you take your sworn oath of office to uphold, support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic (which includes you and many of your political buddies and allies) seriously.

The Stars and Stripes have become the Stars and Bars. The Land of the Free and the Brave has become the Land of the Fee and the Servile.

The "Don't Tread On Me" flag (the one with the coiled rattler) was the runner up to be chosen as this nation's flag. The "Don't Tread" flag is the Patriot's flag. The Stars and Stripes is not the Sheeple's flag. If Sheeple had a flag, it would be something like this: Playboy's white bunny on a black background. Why? Sheeple prefer comfort and hedonism to independence and the burdens of sustaining individual liberty and the constitutional rule of law. Sheeple are the walking dead. They just do not know that they should find a hole, fall down in it, curl up and die. Why? Liberty has died in their hearts and no Constitution nor Bill of Rights can revive it for them.

If the consequences were not so sobering, at this point, I would end with a defiant challenge. The challenge would be this: I dare you to sign into law one more unconstitutional prior restraint victim disarmament law. Since I deeply respect human life, since I harbor no blood lust, since I loathe killing, I instead end with challenging you to be wise, to be prudent, to heed my candor, to heed my advice, to act constutitionally, to stop your pursuit of severely counterproductive, assanine policy, and to think ultra carefully.

Victim disarmament laws are the ultimate pinnacle of the worse kind of public policy.

You are figuratively in an invisible mine field. Be careful. Be wise. Do not break faith with the Founders and the Framers. Do not give Patriots any more cause to loathe you and your policies.

I concur 100% with what the writer of the other e-mail that I forward to you {Ed - see below} wrote.

Civil authority in this state has been hijacked by a gang of Gun Prohibitionists Control Freaks. Civil authority in this state has forfeited its legitimacy.

The Califronia Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit made egregious errors in ruling that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual right to arms. Those rulings, in effect, slam the court house doors, in those jurisdictions, shut to using the courts as a vehicle to resolve this dispute peacefully and legally.

The proverbial Whirlwind is only beginning to stir.

As you probably know by now, there is now a national effort to Petition AG Ashcroft with a petition to have the U.S.Department of Justice enjoin and reverse California's unconstitutional prior restraint victim disarmament laws. By resorting to the right to petitition government for redress of just grievances, Patriots are manifesting their growing intolerance for such laws and their preference to use this legitimate vehicle to achieve a peaceful, legal resolution of this dispute in their favor. They are replicating the pattern set by the Founders and the Minutemen. The petition, if rejected, will arguably give moral justifiction to resort to extra legal means to restore rights and the Constitutional Rule of Law.

Heed the petition. A meaningful escalation in mindset leading toward the use of force, if necessary, has been taken.

{Mr. Mancus suggests that the reader take a few minutes to read John Wolfgram's wonderful right to petition article at Jon Roland's Constitution Society site}:

by John Wolfgram

It would be strategic error to assume this petition can be ignored or rebuffed with impunity.

In the movie the Longest Day, a German soldier looked at the English Channel from inside a pill box and saw no ships. Later he looked again and said the equivalent of, "Oh shit!" Should civil authority fail to promptly radically alter its course, I predict that many of civil authority's agents someday will say to themselves,"Oh shit!"

Long live the Spirit of 76!



P.S. I hope I typed my name large enough for you to read it. I admire John Hancock for his audacity.

Here is the message to which Mr. Mancus referred in his letter to the Governor:
----- Original Message -----
From: "Frederick P. Blume Jr."
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 6:43 AM
Subject: SB-52 and AB-35

Governor Davis,

From all the signs, crosstalk, chat and other forms of communication I've been monitoring, the state of California is about to become the birthplace of the second American Revolution. What you do with the people-control bills - SB-52 and AB-35 - that will be coming before you, will largely determine whether that event will occur on your watch. If you don't have your "ear to the ground", I suggest you get it there quickly and that you pay close attention to the less-vocal, seething masses of Americans who are tired of the socialists and communists there in your state and the anti-American, anti-freedom and anti-liberty, draconion and ineffective legislation coming out of your state house and senate.

Creating a database, a registry of gun owners is a prelude to war. If you don't understand that, understand this: we are not going to let government ignore the constitution of this country and do what Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and others of their kind did to their people.

First, these tyrants registered gun owners, then they confiscated their arms, just before launching their respective programs of genocide. Happens very time.

Well, those of us who study history know when war is being made upon us and we have been preparing for years now.

{Ed - See our famous Warning }

Mind you, what happens there in California generally happens in the rest of the country eventually, so what you do will affect the nation and we are all very much aware of that. Be very careful what you do with these two bills.

Frederick P Blume Jr.
Denver, CO 80224-1888

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