American Flag flying upside down as signal of DISTRESS

Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 7:39 AM

Governor Schwarzenegger:

I am a registered Republican who did not vote for you. Since you recently publicly supported a renewal of the unconstitutional federal ban against misnamed "assault weapons," I am glad I did not vote for you. Now that you have declared your support for the renewal of that unconstitutional ban, it is unlikely that I will ever vote for you.

I will never vote for any politician who does not publicly support the Second Amendment as guaranteeing an individual right to firearms free of all prior restraint.

You are, at best, a Hollywood personality who spent too much time pumping iron and, apparently, getting inside females' panties. Putting you in the governor job slot is tantamount to putting a student pilot at the controls of a modern U.S. Navy jet fighter--on an aircraft carrier, on a moonless, starless night, with no visible horizon, during a typhoon, when the carrier is pitched about violently, and expecting you to launch and recover at night, without making matters worse.

You got your current position because Republican party big shots thought you were electable, they inexplicably used that test as the primary criteria for selecting who they would support, and Gray Davis alienated many by helping to run this state into the ground. You did not get your job because you are well qualified for it--you most emphatically are not. I know people within a few miles of me who are much better qualified to be an excellent governor than you are.

You are dangerous. You are dangerous for several reasons, including but not limited to, these:
  1. You are incompetent and you do not even know it;
  2. You are arrogant;
  3. Arrogance is not a substitute for competency--nothing is a substitute for competency;
  4. You are putty in the hands of your handlers and many of them are incompetent political hacks who are also dangerous, especially on the Second Amendment and the core issues of Liberty and Constitutionalism;
  5. Your position in support of renewing the federal ban against so called "assault weapons" is wrong, unconstitutional, and dangerous;
  6. By supporting a renewal of this unconstitutional ban you have telegraphed your willingness to function unconstitutionally;
  7. Adhering strictly to the Constitutional Rule of Law is one of Mankind's most prudent safeguards against Tyranny, but you are willing to function unconstitutionally, with the approval of your ignorance, incompetence, and arrogance; and
  8. You have now joined the ranks of a long line of California political whores who have supported this ban and continue to do so, and, as a result, all of you have helped to ratchet us closer to civil war, and that, Governor, is neither shrill nor hyperbole. Instead, it is a stark, stubborn, fact. I repeat: a fact.

You need a crash course on the Second Amendment. An excellent source for the training and education you obviously lack on this subject is available to you on the Internet. To find this crash course, do the following:
  1. Go to>;
  2. If a click on the hyperlink will not take you there, type what is in blue into a Google search window;
  3. Once you get to the Cloud 9 Photography homepage, click on "LINKS" on the right hand side;
  4. Once you get to the "LINKS" page, click on Roman Numeral III on that page: and
  5. Read the approximately 90-page long essay titled "THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK: LIBERTY, COURAGE, AND FIREARMS".

There are people in this state, and other states, who know what is the true purpose of the Second Amendment, and they have the courage, commitment, and skill, in a last ditch, final effort to restore Liberty, to use their firearms as Tyrant Terminator Tools.

If you personally do not read this essay, you are lazy, irresponsible, and foolish. If you read this essay and fail to retract your support of the unconstitutional federal "assault weapon" ban and also fail to publicly condemn that ban as being unconstitutional and dangerous public policy, you confirm my judgment that you are, indeed, "dangerous."

If you are serious about wanting to be a good governor, you will read this essay promptly and heed its warnings.

Be a public servant, not a public serpent.

You cannot easily dismiss me as a "gun nut," a "crazy," a "Red neck," a "neo-Nazi."

Did I waste my time writing to you?


--Peter Mancus

BA With Honors, Political Science, University of California at Riverside
Doctor of Jurisprudence, School of Law, University of California at Davis
Member, State Bar of California
Former Criminal Prosecutor
Citizen of the Republic
One of Your Bosses

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